How to Mask for Two Tone Graphics – Two Tone Paint Job

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In this video, I will show you a tank that I’m taping up with graphics. I’ll show you some of the steps on how to mask for two tone graphics.

I did the graphic with a fine-line tape. It’s this blue tape that is very moldable.  It is available in different length and width.  You can do a lot of graphics with it like flames.

So, the first step I did was to line out the graphic.  Then, cover it with painter’s tape and cut it with a razor blade.  The covered part will stay silver.

Then, I’m going to do a green base coat on top of the silver.  It’s just like the 2013 or 2014 Green Camaro.

I painted the whole tank silver because I want to give it a nice under base coat.  So the green color will pop even more than just painting over primer or a darker color.

The graphic is all done on one side then I have to do the same with the other side.

When I’m all done with taping up, I’ll mix my green paint and base coat the whole tank.

I get asked this question a lot, “Hey, Tony, I’m doing base coat right now on my car and I see dust in it.  What should I do?”

If you see what looks like dust stuck in the base coat, scuff it with a piece of sand paper.  But make sure it’s dry.  You have to wait for twenty to thirty minutes for it to dry before you scuff it.

Make sure to use a 600-grit or 800-grit sand paper and scuff it in a circular manner.  But don’t push hard.

Then, tack the entire tank down.  You need to tack in between base coats if you have a lot of overspray, which you do most of the time.

On another piece of the bike, I will tape up another graphic for the number at the back.

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