Learn Auto Body and Paint Q&A – Auto Bodywork Tips and Answers

Hey, this is Tony! Thank you for watching my videos and reading the blog.  Today, we’re going to do our first round of Learn Auto Body And Paint Q&A. In my last video, I asked you to send in your most burning auto body and car painting question and I’ll answer them through my videos. … Read more

Make Money With Auto Body and Paint – Estimating Tips!

Hi, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another live stream.  Thank you for coming on. This is an interactive training. I hope you enjoy the show! Today’s topic is how to Make Money With Auto Body And Paint – Estimating Tips. The streams will be archived. If you missed the show or come on a little … Read more

Painting Auto Body Panels And Blending Paint

Discover When it is Best to Paint Complete Auto Body Panels Over Just Sections of Panels and vice versa.  Plus, the Benefits of Blending Paint during Paint Application. Most vehicles are composed of a number of separate sections and parts that are welded or bolted together, resulting in a single motorized unit. Professionals concerned with … Read more

Automotive Paint Prep Part Removal Tips

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Tony.  Thank you for checking out this blog.  I’m doing a different format today.  No video, just purely blog.  This is all about Automotive Paint Prep Part Removal Tips. You may be starting to understand by now that automobile painting consists of a series of stages. When combined these stages produce … Read more

Update on Mazda Miata project – How To Auto Body and Paint Your Car

Hi, it’s Tony here.  Thanks for watching my video and checking out the blog today.  This is an update on the Mazda Miata project. So, this is how it’s looking.  All the body work is almost done.  I want to prime everything with polyester putty today but I’m a little behind on my project. By … Read more