Spray Gun Setup TIPS, Then Mixing and Spraying Basecoat Over Primer!

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Hey, it’s Tony. Thanks for watching the video and checking out the blog.  Today’s topic is Spray Gun Setup TIPS, Then Mixing and Spraying Basecoat Over Primer!

We’re getting really close to painting this thing. This is the Warwick 980HE Waterborne/Solvent Spray Gun. You can spray both kinds of paints with this.

It’s a high-quality spray gun, which I used in many of my projects and which I’ll be using on the truck. This one’s a 1.4mm HVLP tip. You can get them in a LVLP tip if you want to.

As you can see, this gun is a powder-coated black finish, whereas the Crown model is a nickel-plated chrome finish.

Introducing the Atom Spray Guns! The Atom Spray Guns are gaining a lot of popularity in the automotive world due to its uniquely combined Japanese and German-style craftsmanship. These spray guns are awesome.

The Atom X27 Spray Gun comes with a large 1000ml aluminum cup, stainless steel threading/inserts, and you also get a pro mini air regulator included for FREE. Head on over to Zoolaa to learn more about the Atom X27 Spray Gun.

I’m putting some plumber’s tape on it. Just make sure that you put it on clockwise, so when you screw on your regulator, it won’t unravel.

We’re using an Omni base coat, which is a cheaper version of the product line. Bear in mind that base coat mixture is always a 50/50 or 1:1 ratio.

If you have eight ounces of hardener, then you have to put 8 ounces of reducer. Then, mix it all up and your base coat is ready.

You need to get the perfect consistency. You could eyeball it and watch if it drops too thin on your stick. If you could see through to the wood, you know it’s too thin. On the other hand, if it drops too slow, then it’s too thick.

I’m counting the drips as I mix it up. That’s how you determine if you have good consistency. It drops like 1-2-3. I’ve mentioned this in other videos as well.

You don’t have to push hard when tacking. Now, we’re doing the green base coat. I’m hitting all the primer areas, just to get some coverage. You need to darken these areas, just like what I’m doing in the video. I’ll go with two coats, then we’ll go over all the panels.

We’re adding our final coat of base coat to the whole truck, and doing the whole tailgate at once, not just the primer section. We want to get an even coverage on the whole section of the back. We’ll then, mix up some clear and shoot some on the truck.

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