Masking & Spraying BASECOAT on Custom Tri-Tone Paint Job

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Hi, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s blog is entitled Masking & Spraying BASECOAT on Custom Tri-Tone Paint Job.

We are doing a Tri-Tone Paint job and using a fine line tape to mask our center piece. The top section is painted with white base coat with pearl mid coat on top of it, an intercoat called the DBC 500.

Then, we are also using a painter’s tape which doesn’t have a strong adhesive, so it is really good for masking.

You need to make sure your base coat is dry. Give it at least 40 minutes to an hour before you start masking up your car.

The fine line tape’s popular sizes are 1/8 and quarter inch sizes. In this video, I’m using the 1/8 size, which is perfect for graphics and flames.

We’re also going to mix our teal base coat. It’s a 1:1 mixture. Most basecoats are the same mixture. And, I’m also using a medium reducer.

Also in this project. I’m using the Atom X20 Spray Gun. These are my go to guns. They are awesome spray guns – high performance and quality at a fraction of the cost of a Sata or Iwata.

If you want to grab yours, head on over to Zoolaa and check them out.

I’m giving 2-3 coats of base and spraying at about 26-27 psi at a wide open fan. Check out the video as I show you the entire process.

On this stage, take your time doing it. Make sure you cover your silver base coat or primer spots. The worst that you’d want is your primer bleed through on a paint job because you don’t have enough base coat on it.

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