Auto Body Q&A – What You Working On Now?

Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s show is all about Auto Body Q&A – What You Working On Now?

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Question: Can I paint a 75c10 silver metallic in pieces or do I have to do it all complete? [3:40]

Yes you can. If you are painting your truck a stock base color, make sure you that you mix it up really well before spraying it. You shouldn’t have issues at all, as far as matching, if you keep it the same stock paint. However, you’ll have issues with matching if you start adding pearls and flakes.

Question: Sanding down the underside of a ’66 Mustang Hood, but not to bare metal. Can I use epoxy primer or do I have to use 2K? [6:53]

You can go with the epoxy primer if you want to. That is totally fine. Epoxy is more for going over metal, because it’s a hard catalyst. It is good to go over bare metal or feathered out paint.

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