DIY Auto Body Work on Micro Truck – 3 Auto Body Secrets Revealed!

Hi, it’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s topic is entitled DIY Auto Body Work on Micro Truck – 3 Auto Body Secrets Revealed!

I’m in the middle of doing all of my Micro Truck Project. Sorry if the video will not be as clear since we’re not shooting this on HD video.

This section here is complete. Everything has been pulled out and ready for filler. We’ll do some more body work. Check out my demo.

We had a big hole in the side of this bumper cover. I put some epoxy on it a little while ago. When it dries and sets up, we’ll put some filler in the area.

I welded some plastic as well in the epoxy so that will take care of that chip. We’ll sand all of this down with 150-grit and get it nice and smooth.

Question: Will the filler crack? [12:22]

No, unless you hit something hard. If you leave it as is and take care of it, it will never crack.

Next thing that I need to do is mix up some putty. We’ll hit the door and some other areas with this filler. We’ll then go from there.

Again, let me just stress that you need to mix your filler every time you open up a can because sometimes you see glaze on top.

The same goes with your hardener. You need to mix it up before you open it. My father’s rule is for every golf ball size of filler, you’ll need six to eight drops of hardener.

If you add too much, it will harden really quickly, but if you don’t, it will take longer to dry. Another thing is, if you don’t add enough, you will have problems and will need to scrape it off.

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Question: What do you use to glue the window back into the window track? [38:05]

There’s usually a weather stripping at the bottom where your window sits inside of. I’ve never really glued a window back. It’s usually screwed on at the bottom and tightened up.

I’ll be shooting a lot of Atom Spray Gun videos while doing this Micro Truck. If you want to check out these spray guns, head on over to Zoolaa. These are awesome spray guns at the fraction of the cost of a Sata.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thank you everyone for joining me today. The entire series of this Daihatsu Micro Truck will be added to the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Course. For those non-VIPs, check out what’s in store for you in the program.

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Cheers! Talk soon!


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