DIY Learn Auto Body Questions and Answers (from Hawaii)

Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. I’m back! This is DIY Learn Auto Body Questions and Answers (from Hawaii)

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Question: Do you need a sealer if you use a 2K Primer? [4:25]

You don’t need a sealer. You can paint directly over a 2K primer. As long as you’re filling up all your scratches and imperfections and as long as you’re laying it on thick. Cut it down with 400-grit sandpaper.

If it looks good, that is perfect for a base to paint over. You can paint your base coat clear coat over that or a single stage enamel, whatever you’re doing. It’s going to look nice without a sealer.

However, if you’re doing a custom job, you can prep up the 2K primer before paint and have it finished with 400-grit. Once done, have it ready in your booth for paint, put your sealer on it, then lastly lay over your base coat clear coat on it.

Question: If I buy an after-market panel, do I need to sand or just prime over it? [6:55]

You need to sand it. When you buy a brand new panel, sand it down with 400-grit, spray your 2K primer on top of it, cut it down with 400-grit. Then, you’re ready to paint. Pretty easy.

Question: Can you remove paint off of carbon fiber hood without damaging the carbon fiber? [7:14]

That’s going to be very tough. You can try to, but if you dig too deep, you might actually damage the carbon fiber. Especially if it’s a fake carbon fiber. It will sand right off.

Question: What is the advantage of using an 80-gallon or a 60-gallon air compressor over a 30-gallon? [7:36]

You get more volume with larger air compressors. If you have a smaller air compressor, it’s going to be kicking on every 30 minutes, for it to fill up as you’re spraying. That will cause condensation. Your compressor’s going to get hot, which will lead to water in your air lines.

That’s why it’s always important to have a water filter at the neck of your gun and also about 10 to 15 feet away from your air compressor.

A small air compressor is perfect if you’re doing smaller panels like the hood, fender or a little touch-up.

I have painted a complete car with a 33-gallon air compressor that only puts out about 12 to 15 cfm. You’re going to be playing catch-up. Your tank’s going to be full of air. It will cut out and you’ll need to wait for a couple of minutes for it to fill up again.

Question: Where is the best place to get sandpaper and tape? What is the best color tape to use? [9:04]

I like to use American Tape or 3M Tape. These are the best tapes for auto body. Not only does it flex, you can leave in the sun for a day or two and the glue will not off and stick on your chrome or rubber moldings.

Question: What type of paint should I use for an old metal car? How thick and how many coats should I do? [9:52]

If it’s all metal, be sure to seal it an epoxy primer. This is really good over metal. Use an epoxy primer over it, cut it down and block it down. Put a 2K primer sealer on top of that. Then, cut that down and you’re ready for paint.

Question: How can I paint a couple of stripes over my car without leaving a line? [10: 43]

You will have a line no matter what. The trick is to bury it in your clear coat. But, don’t spray it on too thick. You don’t want to overlay it on. When you’re done with that, you put two coats of clear on it, let it cure for about two days.

Then, water sand it with 1000-grit and lay two more coats of clear. That should actually get rid of the line. You can color sand and buff it. You won’t even feel it.

Question: Can you prime over bare plastic or do you need an adhesion promoter to paint over it? [11:20]

I would sand plastic panels with 400-grit, put an adhesion coat on it. They sell it on a spray can. You spray it and put your 2K primer on it. Make sure to spray it thick.

You could also add a little bit of flex agent if you want. I don’t know if you’re painting quad panels or dirt bike panels. But, if it’s flexing, I would add some of that. Then, cut it with 400-grit and paint.

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