💁‍♂️ 3 Faded Clearcoat and Paint Repair Tips

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. What’s up #BossPainters?!! I’m here with another question which is all about 3 Faded Clearcoat and Paint Repair Tips.  

”I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra where the clear coat and over half the hood’s paint has worn off. So far no rust! I would like to know what the best process would be for refinishing it and the tops of fenders.  How much should be down, sanded down to bare metal/prime paint or light sand to smooth out finish thin paint, or? I am sure you’ve seen maroon/red vehicle hoods, cabs etc with this problem, what’s recommended?”

One thing to remember, you can’t make old paint look new. There will be a color difference. Especially if the paint is 20 years old. It faded through the years, not only the clear but the color under it. Always, keep that in mind. 

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Feather everything out with a 280-grit to 320-grit to take out all that bad clear coat off. And then follow it up with a 2k filler primer on all of those panels. 

After which, sand it down to 400-600 grit wet sand, block it out and get it ready for paint. 

There are a bunch of other methods by other painters, but that will be my own personal technique to do it quickly. 

You can also do it with a DA sander to cut it down and finish the job faster . However, it will be your choice. Remember, all the best paint jobs are done by hand.  🙂

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