🚙Can You Feather Peeling Clearcoat And Respray Clearcoat? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another Q&A series. Here’s a question from Rod. 

“I have a 2008 dodge SLT 4-door 4×4 5.7. What I’ve got is the clear coat bubbling up and flaking off. How should I redo the clear coat? The base coat is in great shape. 

Should I wet sand down the edges of the clear coat and then re-apply the clear? I’ve done some auto painting back in the army and I enjoyed it. But the army’s classes were not much hands-on. 

It’s a nice truck with strong motor.. What would be a good pearl or flake to tone the yellow down? I love the color, I’m just wanting to jazz it up. 

I’m a disabled vet so it will keep my mind off my flashbacks and the explosions. Thank you for your help.”    

It’s a beautiful yellow truck. I like the color and it looks like a canary yellow to me. 

This is a very common question, “My clear coat is faded and it’s peeling off. Can I just sand it, feather it out and shoot clear?” The answer is NO. 

There is prep time and work involved in this, so do it the correct way. As you feather it, you’ll be sanding into your yellow base and hit primer and might even hit the metal on the edges. This is wrong. 

You need to flow coat it. Flow coating means sanding the clear coat with 800-grit and putting 2-3 coats of clear on top of that to give it more depth. Especially for candy paint jobs or custom paint jobs.

But, never put clear on top of old peeling clear coat. It’s just the wrong way to do it. 

Feather out all the peeling clear coat, finish it with 400-grit and primer over the feathered edges. Then, wet sand with 400 to 600-grit or you can even dry sand it, depending on your preference. I always like to finish with wet sanding. 

I would tone it down with some gold pearl. Check out the X Finishes Deep Sun Gold Pearl on Zoolaa. You don’t need to put a lot. Probably a gallon of clear and 1-2 tablespoons of pearl. 

I would caution you on adding your pearl or flake in your clear coat is that if you run it, you’ll have a pearl run. 

It’s not a problem if you’re experience. But if you’re not, you can use an intercoat, which is a clear base coat. Check out this video as I do a demo on the DBC 500 Intercoat: How-To Spray MIDCOAT & Basecoat – DBC 500 INTERCOAT Spraying

Tamco also has something which they call Binder. It will soon be available on Zoolaa. 

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