👉 Matte Paint Job Finishes 2k Single Stage or Flattening Agent in Clearcoat

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with today’s Q&A series. Today’s topic is Matt Paint Job Finishes 2k Single Stage or Flattening Agent in Clearcoat. 

Here’s the question:

“Tony, I have a green ‘95 GMC Sierra but I want to paint it with matte black. Do I sand the whole truck with 320 – 400-grit then apply primer or just apply the matte finish?” 

It depends on your finish. Yes, finish the truck down with 400-grit as a final paint grit to put your paint on. 

If you don’t have a lot of feathering and metal showing, you could paint over it. I’m not sure how your clear coat looks but, I would definitely prime over metal areas, faded areas, feathered clear coat areas then flatten that out with 400-grit. Then, paint your matte black on top of it. 

Here are two options for you. There’s an all in one flat black, which is a 2K paint system. You just need to add a hardener and a little of reducer. Then, paint on it. It will dry flat. 

The problem with flat colors is that you won’t be able to color sand and buff it. You can’t do anything to the paint job when it’s done and it’s susceptible to scratches. It will show imperfections and swirl marks. It will be harder to take care of, especially with a single stage system. 

I recommend a 2-step system such as spraying like a regular base coat clear coat paint job. You need a flattening agent in your clear coat to make it flat. 

I use One Choice, which is a flattening agent by PPG. You can use it with all PPG paints and in other 2K clear coats. The more you put, the flatter it will get. 

The good part of this is it gives you some protection, unlike a single stage flat paint job that does not have any protection. Another one is the Hot Rod Satin Clear by Summit. 

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