🤩 Tricks For GLOSSY Clear Coat Paint Jobs!

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another Q&A video. Today’s topic is all about Tricks For GLOSSY Clear Coat Paint Jobs!. Here’s a question from Moe.

“Can you please give us some tips for laying a clear coat to possibly reduce the amount of orange peel? I’ve heard that sometimes body shops don’t even wet sand after paint and the overall work would still look “flawless”. 

For some reason though, I’ve done a few projects and I always find myself spending a significant time wet sanding to get rid of orange peel! It’s extremely time consuming and I can’t help but think that I laid the clearcoat incorrectly. I’ve done 3 different projects so far with the help of your videos so THANK YOU! However, the Explorer is my most recent.”

Using a good grade clear coat is the number one thing to consider, cheaper clears will only give dye back days later. It will look glossy after spraying with clear. However, it will become dull once it starts to secure and evaporate. 

You may visit Zoolaa and check out Tamco Euro Clear Coat (High Solids Euro 2:1 Clearcoat – 1 Gallon Kit HC-2104) or the Tamco Glamour Clearcoat (Glamour 4:1 Clearcoat – 1 Quart Kit HC-4100). If you want to get the best clears, look for a high solid clear coat. 

On the other hand, when it comes to base coat, you can go with cheaper ones, a medium grade base will do the work. But, you need to finish off with a good clear coat.

I highly recommend Tamco because you’ll get the same ingredients and great results as the high-end clear coats. It’s a medium-grade clear coat. Not expensive, but definitely not a cheap clear. 

It’s also important for you to have the perfect spray gun. Check out the Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun which resembles SATA RP. This is the only gun that I trust and use right now for my basecoat and clearcoat. 

For primers, the Atom X20 Spray Gun is the bomb. You can actually spray basecoat clearcoat with these guns that has stainless steel insert so you could also do waterborne paints. Check out the Atom Spray Guns on Zoolaa now.

Now, you have your good clear and great gun, the next thing you need to examine is your temperature settings. Make sure you’re using a flow out clear coat if you’re spraying in hot weather. Use a slow dry clear coat to give time for your clear to flow out. 

It’s not easy to have a fifty thousand spray booth and get a paint job done for us DIY guys. So we do our projects in our home garage or shop garage and get that professional finishes 100% guaranteed. 

Use a medium to slow grade activator in your clear coat so it will have a chance to flow out. When laying clears, make sure you’re seeing it gloss up and flow out. Not having enough clearcoat will end up with orange peel. 

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When it comes to air pressure settings, spray your clear around 28 to 30 psi. You can always adjust and check how it is flowing on depending on your temperature.                                                               

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