NEVER Tack Between Clear Coats! Mixing & Spraying Automotive Clear Coat

Hey, it’s Tony. Thank you for watching the video and checking out the blog. Today’s topic is all about NEVER Tack Between Clear Coats! Mixing & Spraying Automotive Clear Coat.

It’s time to do some clear coat. This is a 4:1 mixture. We’re using an Advantage System because I want to test it out. It has a little bit of dye back, which means it starts to dull after it cures for about a week or two. However, this can be fixed by doing color sanding and buffing.

Usually after base coat, you can tack the whole car down. You don’t end up with that much overspray sometimes like in this case, so I just did a light tacking on everything before clear coat.

Always remember that you never want to tack between clear coats but just with base coat. Check out the video as I’m laying my first coat of clear.
You can see that I’m not going straight. I’m basically going at a radius of my arm because the truck is so big.

I purposely left a lot of full length footage on the painting process because it’s always good to watch someone paint. You see how even and straight I’m laying this clear coat on with a 50% overlay.

We now move on to the second and final coat of clear and then, we’re done.

We are going to see a little color difference between the doors and the freshly painted areas, but the buffing will brighten up the older panels and it will blend in nicely.

You can see I’m using some a spray can plasti-dip on the grill and gave it about three coats. Then, we peel it right off the emblem, which is a cool thing about plasti-dip. We now have a custom flat black on the grill.

We’re now doing the headlight tactic. I’m using a 2000-grit sandpaper to wash off and clean out the lens. Put some basic rubbing compound on a wool pad and buff it out.

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