How To Spray Clear Coat On Step Bars

Hey Guys! I found an older video that I had.

This is a short clip on clear coat application that we did for a 2010 Toyota Tacoma. The customer wanted to paint the stock silver step bars white to match his truck and give it a custom look. You can do the same to your ride for a cool and custom one-of-a-kind look.

Watch on to learn how to spray clear coat on step bars.

You’ll see how we mixed some clear coat. This is a 2:1 mixture, which means for every 12 ounces of the clear coat, we mixed 6 ounces of activator. I’m using the ShopLine JC661. This is a very good, high solids clear coat. I’m also using the medium activator.

Like I say, it’s always a good idea to tack down your base coat before you lay your clear coat on. Always do that.

Watch the video to see how I laid the clear coat on. I just sprayed two nice coats and we were done.

As a reminder, you would want to spray at 26-28 PSI when spraying clear coat on your car or any project that you do. Some people spray a little higher at 30-31 PSI – it all depends on you and how you feel it with the spray gun. You know, you have to get used to it. Just paint a couple of panels and you’ll actually find out what works best for you. So I like to go at about 28 PSI, and the more pressure you go, the more your paint will atomize – meaning your little paint droplets will be a lot smaller, which in turn will give you a glossier finish. I recommend the same pressure for base coat.

Click play on the video above because there’s a part where I show you how to tell when it’s perfect to spray the second coat of clear.

Make sure you check out how it all looked in the end. I thought it’s a pretty nice finish, if you ask me. 🙂 Usually, you don’t color sand and buff parts like step bars since it’s just little accessory pieces, but you can if you want to. We didn’t do it, we just directly installed it on the truck and it looked really good.

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  1. Is the gun your using a devilbiss finishline 4? I am looking into getting one and was wondering if that would be a good clear gun or base gun? I have the devilbiss starting line for base and its pretty nice. What is your opinion?


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