What To Do With Sand Scratches In Metal? 🙁

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. How’s it going #BossPainters? Today’s topic is all about What To Do With Sand Scratches In Metal. Here’s another question from Robert. 

“I used fiber disk to get rid of some surface rust on my project. It left some minute scratches in the metal. Could I use an epoxy primer to fill in those scratches, or do I have to use a finer fiber disc to remove the scratches before I primer?”

When doing bodywork you’re going to get grind marks in metal all the time. You don’t need to sand it out because the filler primer will fill it up. 

I would use an epoxy primer if you have super huge area but if it’s just a small area like you’re doing a bodywork repair, you have to take out the dent. And then, grind down the metal in a certain little area, also, laying some filler primer on it will be ok. 

You may check LearnAutoBodyAndPaint and search grinding, it will show you a relevant video I did in 2016 called The Stud Gun Operation and Applying Body Filler. This will show you how I grind down, pull out a dent and how to finish the whole process. 

Use an 80-grit sandpaper to grind, then feather it down to 150-grit and put some primer on then block it out.  You have to put heavier primers if you need to put some glaze in some areas. 

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I hope this short Q&A video on What To Do With Sand Scratches In Metal answers your question. If you have problems with your projects, just send an email with your detailed question and send in pictures or a 1-minute video of your project so I can help you further.  

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