Live Dent Repair Demo Using Grinder and Stud Welder Gun Plus Q&A

Hey it’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s topic is Live Dent Repair Demo Using Grinder and Stud Welder Gun Plus Q&A.

We’re going to the shop right now and I’ll show you my ’89 Daihatsu Mini Truck. We’ve got some dents here as shown in the video.

The whole side of the truck was scraped and pushed in, from the front of the truck and gets deeper by the side. He dented the whole side frame. It looks like he side-swiped something. It’s dented pretty badly.

The dent continues to a wide scratch all the way to the back. It’s a long scratch, but the main damage is the area by the door.

There’s also a dent down here by the wheel. This is all dented in. I’m going to have to take the wheel off and hit it with a hammer, while I pull this out.

We’re going to grind this area, put a filler and take out this fake keyhole right here. I’m going to talk about the tools that I use.

I’m using the angle die grinder. I love these things. It comes in handy when you’re doing small areas on the panel.

Also, check out these little discs that I have. They unscrew right out and you can just twist it back on. It’s like a 28-grit or something. It’s pneumatic and perfect for getting in small areas where a grinder can’t get in.

The only problem with it, is it’s a little loud. Grinders are really loud, but this has a big air noise.

I’ll use a regular 16-grit Makita disc grinder right now. You grind with your edges most of the time. Every time they go bad, I get a pair of shears and cut around it to get a nice clean edge.

I don’t want to keep you too long so all we’re going to do tonight is grind, drill a couple of welds, pull it up then we’re good. Let’s do a demo right now.

Now, we have our tool here for taking panels. If you have panels that are stuck just use these little tool to pop them out.

We also have a snap-on tool which can take off the cranks for rolling the windows up and down. It’s pretty easy like I show you right now.

I have my stud gun. This is a 4500 unispotter. I bought this about 15-17 years ago and yes, it’s still works. You need to keep your tips clean, so every once in a while, hit it with an 80-grit or 150-grit. This is the contact that you need to get your spark and your connection to weld your pins.

You need to hold it on for a couple of seconds. If you’re not holding it long enough, it will pop right off. Now, let me show you how to do this again and do this area for you.

These dykes are used for taking out these pins. You just go on it and twist.

The filler is what’s going to shape this thing. You’ll block shape it and finish it out with body filler. You fill about a quarter-inch. I know a lot of people fill half an inch, which I think is ridiculous.

The next thing would be an 80-grit around the area, lay some putty on it and shape it. Then, do the rest of the panel. You take all of the imperfections out. You do all of your body work panel by panel. Before you know it, your project’s done.

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