DIY Auto Body And Paint Talk in my Garage – Learn Auto Body & Paint Work at Home!

It’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s topic is DIY Auto Body And Paint Talk in my Garage – Learn Auto Body & Paint Work at Home!

I’m sorry I totally missed yesterday’s show. That’s how busy I am! Sorry for doing this on a Friday instead of the usual Thursday schedule. Also sorry about the technical issues earlier. Thank you for getting on the show today inspite of the unusual Friday schedule. Let’s talk about DIY Auto Body And Paint.

Question: How can I prevent my bondo from drying before I apply it all?

You need to lessen your hardener. You can control how quickly your bondo dries by the amount of hardener you use. If you don’t put enough hardener, you find it too soft and you scrape it off. On the other hand, if you put a lot more hardener, it dries on really quickly.

You need to find the sweet spot. It’s about six to eight drops of hardener for every golf ball size of bondo.

You can also tell by the color. If it’s too blue, you need to put a little bit of bondo in it and mix it up quick.

Question: What’s the grit for final blocking before sealer?

I would say 400-grit and then throw your sealer filler on it.

Question: Can urethane be blended and is it the same process as base coat clear coat?

It’s a little harder to blend urethane, because you’re going to get that overspray, and it’s not really going to blend very well.

The only thing that you could really do is try to blend it and then buff it out with 1500-grit.  Metallics are going to be a lot harder than solid colors. But, it would be better if you blend it then clear coat on top of the whole panel.

Here’s my ’97 Mazda Miata M Edition. It’s not my daily drive. I haven’t finished buffing it out yet. I started sanding an area, but it still has to be washed down with 2000-grit and then buffed out.

The car has to be washed. It’s filthy because I’ve been driving it for a little bit. We need to make sure it’s nice and clean before we start sanding.

You can see we have a run. We’ll block sand out and buff it nice. We’ll basically color sand and buff the whole thing so it will look really good.

We have a custom sunroof on it, which helps cool the car down a lot.  It’s really nice.

I also have a Daihatsu HiJet. It’s a project that I started and we’re going to do a complete custom paint job on this one.

I was thinking of doing light flames on it, but the flames are kind of old, so I’m not sure yet of what I’m going to do with it.

We also have a ’98 Honda Elite. They’re so dependable and they ride nice. I’ll probably do a 72cc big bore kit on it. I painted this in 2015.

I also have a two-toned Yamaha YSR, which I think is an ’88 or ’89 model. It’s a custom frame-off restoration, and painted it two years ago with a 2014 Camaro Green color. Check the decal on it.

Then, we also have the BMW. It’s been sitting here and all painted. I still need to put a lot of work on it. There you go, my shop. I have a lot of projects loaded in here and part of my collection.

Question: What guns do the Warwick guns compare to?

I like the Warwicks. They have the new model, The Warwick Sequoia. Please check out my video as I show it. They’re not really selling them, but they sent this to me because I sell their guns. I used it on my BMW a couple weeks ago and it’s a pretty good gun.

I would compare the Warwick 980HE is like the Sata RP, but at a more affordable cost. It’s powder coated and an awesome spray gun. The Warwick 980H Gun Crown is a very nice spray gun as well. I love this model too. We also have the Warwick 903G Side Feed. I like this small spray gun with the large aluminum cup. The good DIY all-around model is the Warwick 904HE Spray gun.

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Question: Can I mix hyPerShift Pearls from in standard solvent-based 2K clear over black base coat?

If it’s a dry pearl, you won’t have any problems. But, I’m not sure if you can if it’s a liquid pearl since I don’t know what’s in it as a base.

Question: What’s the most affordable base coats and clear coats that are worth using?

I think Shop-Line is a pretty good cheaper brand. Omni as well, although I haven’t used this brand for a long time. They still probably have Omni Clears though.

I used a lot of Sherwin-Williams paints before a friend introduced me to Dupont Paints. But now, I use a lot of House of Kolor clears.

Question: Why is painting, especially bondo, look so easy when it’s not?

You have to take each panel and each body repair, a section at a time to learn. Body work needs to be done by hand if you want professional results on your project.

Question: What’s a good way to pop a dent on my quarter panel?

Try to get to the back of it and hit it out. Use your palm, or use something soft like a towel. Maybe heat it a little, but not too much because you might bubble the paint.

I’m looking for a nice ’66 or ’67 Chevy Nova. I was checking out a GTO the other day, but they want way too much for it. I’m not really crazy about the body of a ’69, although they’re great too though.

Question: What are the cons of using LVLP spray guns?

There aren’t any. You can still get a nice paint job with it. The difference is you need less air to work it and the nozzle cap is a little different.

We didn’t get 100 viewers today. It’s Friday night and everybody’s out partying! LOL! We’ll do some live sanding with 1500-grit on my Miata next week. What do you think?

I could start sanding my hood down and get most of it done before we do the live show. I used to do everything by hand with 1500-grit and block sand it.

Now, I like to cheat and use a DA sander with 1500-grit, get it all flat then do a dry sand to see what you’re cutting and what you’re not. After which, I will wash it down, wet sand with 2000-grit and you’re ready for two-stage buffing.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. We’re on a regular schedule next week, Thursday at 9pm Eastern. I screwed up this week and I’m sorry for that.

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