Learn Auto Body And Paint Live from Japan – Spray Gun Talk and Q&A

Hi, it’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s topic is all about Learn Auto Body And Paint Live from Japan – Spray Gun Talk and Q&A.

This is where I’m at in Japan right now. It’s a cloudy day. We have a lot of New Yorkers in the house. We’ve also got Florida, Detriot, Austin, Houston, New York, Alabama, Kuwait, Los Almos, Virginia. Thank you everybody for jumping in.

I sent out an email promoting the Atom X Series Spray Guns. They’re still on pre-order and we get them in 3-4 weeks. As soon as we have them on stock, we’ll ship them out.

This is the company that I’ve hooked up in SEMA in November 2016. These spray guns are amazing. They use MP Technology.

The cool thing about the MP Technology is that it uses less volume so you can run it on lower CFM output compressor and get amazing results.

It’s like the Sata RP and lays out more material with less overspray. You get line to line even direct coverage. Less oversray means you’re getting more paint on the panel so less wasted material, with finer atomization.

There are only three models. The Atom Mini X16, the mini gun, the Atom X20 which sprays only solvent-based paint, which is basically 90% of the market and the Atom X21 which is solvent and waterborne spray guns and a great beginner spray gun.

The paint lays on nicely. As long as you’re not laying it on dry, your work is going to come out nicely. Even a newbie painter can produce pro finishes with these spray guns.

It’s like buying a Sata spray gun at just over $200. That’s the quality you’re getting with the Atom X Series.

Would you rather spend a $1000 on a spray gun when you can get one at about $200 with the same quality and excellent results?

When I get back to Texas next week, I’ll be doing a lot of videos about these spray guns, so stay tuned. It’s going to be very exciting. We sold about over 80 guns in the last 10 days. For those who are interested to pre-order, head on over to Zoola.com.

Question: Can I paint a panel that has been rattle canned? Do I need to sand up the rattle can paint? [10:17]

That’s a good question. That rattle can paint is crap. I would wash it off if you can with lacquer thinner, sand it, coat it with a 2K primer, cut that down with 400-grit and you’re ready for paint.

Question: How does these Atom Spray Guns compare to the Iwata 400? [10:43]

I think it is basically the same or probably better. You’re getting the same high quality for less. I know that it sprays better because I tested and saw it. The only time you’re going to realize it is when you try it yourself.

Question: I just started messing with the airbrush. Do you have any experience? [14:30]

I have played with airbrush. But I am not artistic. Some people are good with drawing, but I’m not. You need to be artistic and good with drawing if you want to do work with the airbrush. I have done flames because it’s pretty easy. I recommend you get a piece of paper and just play around first.

Question: Do you recommend a 3-phase or single phase compressor? They have the same price. [15:57]

I think a 240-volt is all you need. You can plug it right into the dryer outlet, the 220 outlet. That would be enough.

Question: I’m a newbie painter. I want to know how to lay paint on correctly. I keep getting heavy runs. [16:19]

If you’re getting heavy runs, spray on quicker. Maybe you’re not moving fast enough. If you’re a VIP member, I teach that in the program. You’ll learn a lot more if you join the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program.

Question: Is it any easier painting single stage than base coat clear coat? [17:19]

The difference with single stage versus base coat is that it’s messier. You’re going to get a lot of overspray. If you’re painting a red car in your shop and you have a white floor, your floor is going to get pink after your paint job. With base coat clear coat, you don’t get that paint overspray. That’s the difference.

Also with single stage, you basically need to lay it on heavy from the first coat. You could go 2-3 coats. I usually go with two medium coats. You have to end glossy because what you see is what you get with this type of paint. There’s no adding clear coat to make it glossy.

The good thing about single stage is it will cover everything. You can paint over 280-grit to 320-grit sandpaper and you’ll be fine.

With base coat clear coat, you’ll need to sand down a little bit more with at least 400-grit, which is the sweet spot. Your prep work need to be a little bit more detailed and done right for base coat clear coat.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I teach you more in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program, so go check it out and grab your FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual to start working on your own projects.

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