Warwick 904HE Spray Gun Winner and Auto Body Questions and Answers

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Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. Today, we’re going to announce the Warwick 904HE Spray Gun Winner and then we’ll have Auto Body Questions and Answers.

Congratulations, Logan! I see him here with us. Logan, I just emailed you five minutes ago. You are the winner of the Warwick 904HE Spray Gun!

I’m doing a tour promoting my new book across America. I’ve been guesting in morning shows so that’s keeping me busy for a few months. I was hit in the highway and I have a big rock chip on my newly painted hood.

My auto body store is still launching. I’m currently stocking the warehouse that’s why it’s taking a little bit of time. But, within the next 4-6 weeks, the auto body store will open up.

And now, we introduce to you the Atom X Series Spray Guns. These high quality, yet affordably priced spray guns are now sold on Zoolaa. Nominated BEST DIY AFFORDABLE SPRAY GUN of 2017-2018.

Check out the Atom Spray Gun Review below:

I have a good spray on wax that I’ve been using. It’s Wizards Mystic Spray Wax. This is not a paid endorsement but, I like this product. I’ve always been a fan of spray on waxes. You just shake it up, spray it and wipe it on. You have no caking of wax all over your moldings, in-between cracks or weather stripping. It smells good too. The car comes out fantastic.

Question: How much paint do I need for a Subaru WRX? [8:58]

I would say, you’d be good at about 3 quarts of base coat. That will turn to about a gallon and a half of sprayable material. Base coat is reduced 1:1, which means for every quart of base coat, you’re going to reduce to 1 quart.

You’ll probably use 4-5 quarts of paint of the same color. If you’re painting with a totally different color, you would probably just need a gallon so you’ll have extra for touch-ups.

Question: I have an 11-year old car paint which is okay with no peeling. Can I scuff and shoot? [10:04]

Yes, you can scuff and shoot it. No big deal. You don’t have to seal that.

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Question: How can I make a homemade stud puller with my MIG? [11:34]

It’s up to you. You can probably weld pins on and pull it out. You’ll need a puller, if you get the style that I have where it clamps on to the pins or the old style where you’ll need to screw and drill a hole in the body.

I never liked these old style ones. I think you’ll just ruin up the body. Why don’t you just invest in a stud gun? They are worth it. Tools are very important in body work. These tools help you do the work correctly and perfectly. They make our jobs easier, so I recommend that you invest in the right tools.

Question: Can I 2K clear over rattle can paint? [13:45]

I think you can, if the rattle can paint is cured for a couple of days. I think if you shoot it right over it, you may have a chemical reaction. Rattle can paint has no hardener in it. It’s like a base coat with lacquer in it. It’s a really crappy paint.

Question: I want to do a purple pearl on a ’74 Beetle. Do you have any suggestions? [17:23]

If you do it over black base, you’re going to have a dramatic dark purple. If you do it on white, you’ll have a white car with a purple hue. You can also go with a purple base coat and put a different tone of purple in it.

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