Stud Gun Operation and Applying Body Filler

Hi, it’s Tony. Thank you for watching the video and checking out the blog today. Let’s talk about Stud Gun Operation and Applying Body Filler.

What I’m going to be doing is grinding this are down with 36-grit and get it down to metal to weld our pins with our stud gun.

You want it to glow a little. You make sure that the wheels are open because these are what grabs it. Then, slide it in and push it closed while we’re pulling. Now, it’s locked.

As I’m puliing, you need to hit around it. That’s pretty much it. The dent is out.  The rest of it is light bondo filler.

Then, we’ll cut these pieces off and grind it again. We’ll use 80-grit around this whole area. Check out the video as I demonstrate this to you.

If you see a metal spot coming through to your bondo, just hit the spot down a little bit.

Now you see all these dark areas are low spots. They are unsanded paint. Get an 80-grit evenly to a quarter and get these areas filled.

The Benzoyl Peroxide separates just like water, so you have to mix it. Otherwise if you open it up, liquid’s going to shoot out and you don’t want to lose that.

Make sure not to mix too much at a time, because if you do, you’ll just waste it. For every golf ball size of bondo, you need to put around 6 to 8 drops of hardener. If it looks too light, you can add a little bit more.

When applying body filler, push firmly to take all the air bubbles out, otherwise you’ll get pinholes. You’ll see those holes after your bondo and you’ll need to refill them.

Also make sure to go in multiple directions when applying it.  Feel firmly to bend your putty knife to the shape of the car.

I skipped this process, but all I did was use 80-grit on our DA sander and flatten all the dents out.

Make sure to clean it all off before you put the spoiler. Blow it all off, then put some wax and grease remover then wipe it clean. Now, I’m sticking our lip spoiler at the back of our car.

There’s two ways to put your lip spoiler. You can either just put the lip spoiler painted on a complete car and you’ll get a noticeable lip, or mold it in like what we did on this project.

In a previous video, I showed you how to do the epoxy work. You need to put two screws, put the epoxy, take out the screws and fill it up with either epoxy or filler.

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