How To Do Body Work – How To Bodywork Body Kits – Install Car Spoilers

How To Do Body Work – How To Auto Body Body kits – Install Car Spoilers

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Are you interested in learning how to do bodywork? How to body work body kits and install car spoilers?

Here is a video above that takes you through the process of installing and customizing a spoiler.

When you go out and buy a body kit or spolier… you’ll see that you have many choices. You can get duraflex, extreme dementions, vis racing, vfiber, veilside and many more body kit brands that you have to chose from.

Honda S2000 GT1 Body Kit

Whatever the case, most times you’ll have to do some type of body work to make it fit right on your car.

Even though it’s a brand name  like Hamman or AC Schnitzer you will still have to get it to fit right. Many body shops make a killing on this process. Especially if you have a higher end car like BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

If you’re working on a Mazda or Honda you’ll still get hit for custom modifications because most times you’re getting a duraflex style body kit which is affordable but not always the best in quality.

But no big deal right?… because YOU do body work now!

It’s not as hard as it can look. You just need to know how to fit your kit, where to screw in certain places, how to cut your kit, how to epoxy and body work your $500.00 kit and turn it into a $2,000 kit with a $5,000 paint job glossing all over it.

It can all be done with body work.

And your friends and family will ENVY you all the way home! 🙂

When customizing and prepping Fiberglass or ABS Plastic… it’s all the same process.

Primers, fillers, sealers and paint. In a nut shell, if you can prep and paint a big-wheel you can paint a car, and don’t worry because we take you through the entire learning process.

You just need to know the step-by-step process and not just told how to do it but actually SHOWN how to.

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Mazda Body Kit

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