Spraying Rubberized Undercoating Under Body Kit for a Clean Look

 Hi, this is Tony of LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. This video is all about Spraying Rubberized Undercoating Under Body Kit for a Clean Look. This is the Mazda Miata Project.  We’re going to wipe everything down with waxing grease remover. Then, mask it and spray paintable undercoating. We are going to use the Dupli-Color, which is inexpensive … Read more

Body Kit Installation Steps – How To Install Body Kits From Home!

In this post we’ll talk about installing body kits. Step 1. Inspect your body kit and check the overall quality out. Step 2. Dry fit your kit to the car or truck. Step 3. Get ready to do some bumper replacement, modification and body filler work. Body Kit Inspection: When first getting your body kit … Read more

Learn Auto Body – BMW Body Kit Body Work Process – Part 8 – Bondo Shaping and Sand Paper Grits

Body Kit Body Work Process

Hey! What’s goin’ on! Just posted a leaked video from the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Members Area to give you a sample of some of the trainings that you get access to as an EXCLUSIVE VIP Member. This is a part of our BMW M5 Body Kit Project which is a 15-video series. It shows the complete … Read more

How To Paint and Install a Body Kit

Hey guys! Here’s an awesome video that shows how to paint and install a body kit! Let’s talk body kits shall we? When buying body kits you basically have 2 options. 1. Spend more and get a quality polyurethane kit so you have less body work. 2. Save on cash… get a Duraflex type of kit and … Read more