Spraying Rubberized Undercoating Under Body Kit for a Clean Look

Hi, this is Tony of LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. This video is all about Spraying Rubberized Undercoating Under Body Kit for a Clean Look.

This is the Mazda Miata Project.  We’re going to wipe everything down with waxing grease remover. Then, mask it and spray paintable undercoating. We are going to use the Dupli-Color, which is inexpensive at around $8. It will give you a finished look.

Check out the video as I make a demo for you.

Now, see how the undercoating looks. This is good for wheel wells and engine bays. Again, I used the Dupli-Color Rubberized Undercoating. It’s great for finishing up paint jobs. Your car projects will look awesome.

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