Chemical Guys Torx Buffer and Compound Demo

Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s show is entitled is all about Chemical Guys Torx Buffer and Compound Demo.

We’ll be using the Chemical Guys Torx Buffer and Compound. Let’s see how this works. Check out the Mazda Miata.

The plan for tonight’s show is to give you a demo on sanding out a nasty run on the Miata. It’s a little orange peely. I could flowcoat it, but we have a lot of clear on this area, to cut it and make it look like glass.

Check out the video as I start doing a demo for you guys.

You really need to make sure that you sand out the compound and wax that you put on if you will paint your car.

I’m using a 2000-grit [27:08] now. You can use 2500 to 3000-grit, but I think the sweet spot is 2000-grit. It is fine enough and cuts it. Then, you can buff over it.

We’ll be trying out the Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Coarse Cutting Pad. The Hex-Logic Buffing pads also come with the fine pad and medium pad. And then, we’ll also be using the Chemical Guys V32 Optical Grade Extreme Compound.  Let’s see how it will look. Don’t forget to watch the video! J

You need to take your time in sanding, just to make sure you have sanded it really well. The products worked. It looked good and brought the true color out.

I will recommend this for newbies because you will not burn your paint. The machine, however does not have the right balance for me, but maybe I’m just not used to it yet. However overall, it is not a bad product.

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