Live Demo: High Speed Buffers – Car Buffer – Car Polisher Buffer – Car Buffing!

Live Demo: High Speed Buffers – Car Buffer – Car Polisher Buffer – Car Buffing!

In this quick video Tony will explain the difference between a trigger style variable speed automotive buffer VS the dial variable speed buffers.

When choosing buffers for automotive buffing purposes you have a few power options to choose from. 1. You have pneumatic. We don’t recommend pneumatic because pneumatic buffers need a lot of air volume to operate and can be pretty noisy.

We also don’t think the’re very efficient machines. If you take a look out in the market, you’ll quickly notice there are much more brands to choose from when buying an electric buffer.

Now we’re down to an electric buffer. You can either get a trigger style or a dial style variable speed buffer. Watch the video above to see a live demo about the trigger and dial type buffers.

The good thing about the dial variable speed buffers is that you can basically do a (set and forget) kind of deal when adjusting your speed. With the trigger style you constantly need to keep your finger on the trigger to stay at your desired buffing speed.

So, for the lesson today… get a dial type variable speed buffer. You’ll end up using it forever.

Recommended buffer brands are: Hitachi, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Porter Cable, Snap On and Black & Decker.

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6 thoughts on “Live Demo: High Speed Buffers – Car Buffer – Car Polisher Buffer – Car Buffing!”

  1. Thanks Tony. These are great tips for any one wanting to use a buffer on their car projects. I plan on getting your course. Just had trans rebuilt so it might be a little while. Thanks again.

  2. what you are doing is great a lot of people will not help any body the way you have
    I have being looking at your viedos because im unemploye at this time so im going
    to paint my truck and need all ihe info. i cane get keep up the good work your doing
    2 quistions how to adj a hvlp gunand how to get rid of orange pil

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