Body Kit Installation Steps – How To Install Body Kits From Home!

Video 1: Dry fitting the rear lip body kit.
Video 2: Inspecting the front M5 Bumper cover and getting ready to install the body kit.

In this post we’ll talk about installing body kits.

Step 1. Inspect your body kit and check the overall quality out.

Step 2. Dry fit your kit to the car or truck.

Step 3. Get ready to do some bumper replacement, modification and body filler work.

Body Kit Inspection:

When first getting your body kit you’ll want to give it a good look over. 

See if it has gouges, cracks and ripples in the mold (which is normal) especially if your buying a body kit in the range of $200. – $1,500.

If you’re spending more on a brand name quality kit for a BMW or Mercedes then you’ll be paying from $5,000 – $20,000 for the high end wide body kits. Their molds are superior and made out of OEM style polyurethane which doesn’t need much modification before being painted.

If you get a fiberglass type like the one we have here from our guys at Duraflex, then you’ll have to do some body work to it to get a nice finish.

Don’t worry because LABAP will show and teach you EACTLY how you can do your own body work, install and paint on your body kit.

Dry Fitting Your Body Kit:

You always want to dry fit your body kit and get all your panels aligned, holes drilled and all bolted up or moulded before getting ready for your body work and painting process.

Once you have nice panel alignment between your fenders and hood etc.. then you can start your body work. I like to do my body work with the kit mounted to the car sometimes because it helps with movement.

Of course, sometimes it will be easier just to take your body kit parts off and body work certain sections off of the car.

We will continue the body work process in the net blog post giving you awesome tips to take your kit and flatten all of the imperfections and waves out from your bumper cover.

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19 thoughts on “Body Kit Installation Steps – How To Install Body Kits From Home!”

  1. Tony; I have previously did some body work and left it primered about a year ago. The car was driven all that year and now I am going to continue the rest of the bodywork & paint the car.
    Question, I do not see any rest comming through the old primer, should I rework all the previous bodwork again to be safe rather then sorry before I paint the car?


  2. I love it, because I just bought a bmw E60 and I want a bodykit on it, this is perfect!

    Can you link where you got your bodykit.


  3. Tony; I have just bought a 97 eclipse and i just got a Vfiber body kit for my car I have never installed a body kit before. The car has no front bumper and im having trouble fitting it with out a front bumper what should i do?

  4. Hey Tony
    I’m installing a stillen kit on a ranger, it mainly uses pop rivets but they also recommend a double stick tape in addition to the rivets, the kit is made of urethane, I was thinking that 3m 03069 would work. What would you recommend

    • hey! If it’s urethane, it’s probably a better quality kit. You can try that 3m double sided tape and rivits. Unless you want to mould them in I think what you’re thinking is the best bet. Good luck!

  5. Tony,
    I am starting a body kit on my 2000 subaru. The side skirts dont have much to attach to the car, what would you do, use fiberglass and form it to the car.
    By the way it is a duraflex wide body.
    Thanks for the help

  6. Tony,
    I had a 545i with quad exhaust and M5 bumper, Can i install that bumper on a 2010 528i?
    So 2004 E60 rear bumper on 2010 E60?

    • hey Andre! You gotta love those BMW 545i’s I had one not too long ago. I am looking to get a BMW X5 soon :). Yes you can install that bumper. Yeah as long as they are the same body style you should not have a problem and it should fit right up no problem. You might need to do a little mod but nothing major. Good luck and please send pics!!


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