Epoxy Body Kit and Priming

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Welcome back! Here we are getting started again. We’re sanding the back of this body kit with 80-grit. I’m shaping some of the corners here to get a tighter flush finish and fit on our car.

We’re notching the bottom bolt areas for the fender. I have to cut some of the body kit, so when we bolt it up our fender bolts are not going to hit.

I didn’t want to bolt it with the fender, I wanted to notch it up. Then, we’re wiping everything down with wax and grease remover.

We blew everything down with the air chuck prior to wiping them down. Then, we’re going to use our panel bond to stick this body kit on.

We already dry-fitted it. We have a couple of screw holes in there. I wanted to mold it in.

Now, you can see I’m mixing this up. This is supplied to me by the body kit company. I will put this on the back of our kit then fuse it on to the body and screw it in tight, then let it dry.

Watch the video as I show you how I do it.

I’m going to use my epoxy and put it on our seam for a nice finger mold. We’re not going to completely get rid of that line.

I mixed a little bit of body filler and put a skin on the area where it was a little too deep. Now, we’re sanding that skin flat with our DA sander with 80-grit.

Then, we’re hitting all of our final body work with 80-grit. We could prime right over 80-grit with the polyester putty that we used.

We’ll mix a little filler and fill those pin holes that I show you on the video. It’s not a big deal. Everything is looking pretty good.

We’re using a 320-grit to go over everything, smoothing it out a little bit more. Then, we’re going to blow everything down. After which, we’ll use wax and grease remover to make sure it’s nice and clean before you start laying your primer.

We now have our polyester filler primer. We’ll do our mixture, which is I think 3 to 4 ounces per quart hardener.

I’m testing out my new spray gun. The tip was actually small so it started spraying a little dry. The last part of the video is my third coat. I’m just going over the car one last time, getting all the body work areas really well to have a nice thick coat of primer.

We’ll let it cure for a day. We’ll hit it with 400-grit the following day then we’re almost done with paint. Make sure to clean your guns out right after you use it.

Never leave your gun with the polyester putty because it gets hard. The primer was so thick so it started setting real quick, but I managed to get it out. J

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