Are You Painting Door Jambs? – Discover The 3 Ways To Prep and Painting Door Jambs!

Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s topic is Discover The 3 Ways To Prep and Painting Door Jambs!

You have basically three ways to do door jamb painting. First is the complete. This means you prep your car, and get the whole thing ready for paint, do your door jambs.

You’ll be taking off all your door panels, moldings, trim. Then, you sand the whole car down. Everything is ready.

You do everything at one shot. That’s going to take a little bit longer. It’s easier to do on small cars like Miatas than bigger cars.

The second way is do the door jambs then base and clear. Then, paint the outside the following day. Mask it off really good before doing the outside. You basically take one day to do your door jambs.

The final way is do your body first. Then, do the door jambs the following day.

I did the whole body first with the Miata, then I decided to do the door jambs. I did the door jambs on another run. Look at how the door jambs came out. It’s really glossy and looks good.

I did the door jambs separately and you can’t even tell where it was blended. It wasn’t even a blend, I just masked it then did the door jambs about a week or two later.

Question: I’m using a bit more hardener than recommended, to speed up the drying process. Is it a bad practice for the quality in the long term?

No. You can do that. It doesn’t really give you a big issue.

Question: Do you find that you have to blend the clear line between jamb and body?

No. I did not blend it. It was a straight run. It looks fantastic and feels fantastic. You can sand and lightly buff it.

I did it so well on the edge that you can barely even tell.  Now, I will color sand and buff the quarter panel.

If I were you, I would go over onto the quarter panel a little bit more so you can hit it with 2000-grit then buff it, so you won’t even see it. It came out really nice.

I also did everything underneath the trunk and it’s the same thing. I just masked it right around the corner and I don’t feel it.

Question: Is all auto paint waterbased?

No. A lot of the automotive paints are solvent. I actually don’t use that much water-based paints. I should do more videos using it, but I still haven’t. Although it’s the same exact process, just a different product.

Question: A paint guy said you shouldn’t shoot over primer with paint.

Of course you could paint right over primer. A lot of 2K primers are perfect base and undercoat to paint right over.

That’s why we have filler primers, primer sealers and epoxy primers. You can definitely paint right over that.

Question: Need help with burning candy while buffing.

That’s difficult. You could probably try to trip the eye and hide it. However, if it’s in a spot where you can see it, you’ll have to reshoot that panel.

Question: Can we send you pictures of our projects?

Absolutely. Upload it on Instagram and tag LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I’ll just search it and comment. I’m starting to use Instagram a lot more because I’m not really a Facebook guy. You can follow me @thetonyrichie on Instagram.

Question: Any tips for spraying at home with overspray and annoying neighbors?

Inform your neighbors that you’re painting your car. I have these box fans that I put by the garage door, blowing out. Then, just put a thin piece of sheet or a home AC filter over it so it filters out and you’re not blowing clear down the street.

You can also get heavy duty fans and put it under your garage door. You can mount it on your window too. It blows really hard and sucks it all out.

Question: I’m doing a body kit. However, I’m not sure how the blending is supposed to be done where the edge of the kit joins to the body. Old paint needs new. What technique should I use to blend?

I would just paint the body kit. If you’re going to be blending, why don’t you just paint the whole car?

Molding is just like what I did to my Mazda Miata. I molded the body kit into the body with epoxy. I sanded it with my finger. It’s all molded in, looking like one piece. Then, I painted everything in one shot.

I show this entire process in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Course. If you want to check out the complete Mazda Miata Project, go check out the program.

Question: How can I remove a lot of bondo on an old car?

You just grind it out with a regular grinder with 16-grit on it. Check out my Makita Grinder. It’s going to be really dusty. I demonstrated that in The Godfather Project within the VIP Course.

Question: How do you fix chips?

The easiest way is to feather it out with 180-grit. The quick and easy way to feather, which you’re probably going down to metal, is do a crisscross movement and then go flat. Watch how I demonstrate it in the video.

Question: How do I use blending solutions with a clear coat?

There are different kinds of blenders. I usually use a little bit of clear coat and throw some 15% to 20% reducer in it then blend it out. After which, you can then color sand and buff it.

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