Spray Paint Guns – HVLP Spray Guns & Siphon Style Guns – Beginner or Advanced Learning!

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Want To Learn a Little About  Automotive Spray Paint GunsHVLP Spray Guns & Siphon Style Guns?

Here we go…

Back in the day, the most common paint guns used were all siphon style guns, such as the gun with the cup below the spray nozzle shown in this video. They worked great but they were not the most efficient guns in the market.

As time went on a new style of gun came out which was called the HVLP gravity feed gun. Gravity feed basically means (gravity pulls the paint down into the neck of the gun). The nozzle and air cap pressure ratios were reinvented to be very efficient using less paint and having much less over spray.

Now we have disposable cups like the DeVILBISS DeKUPS for the HVLP spray guns. This is NOT a necessary upgrade, but it makes cleaning much easier.

Disposable Paint Cups

I will be doing a live video review on these kups very soon so be on the lookout for it.

When they first came out I thought who would waist money and buy these things… but as time went on I found myself buying them and actually using them on occasion.

You can mix paint in them because they are clear which makes measuring easy, plus they can also be cleaned and used a few times before tossing them out.

Not only do they fit their own line DeVilbiss but they sell adapters for most of the common guns like SATA and Iwata. I’m sure the adapters will fit most 99% of guns as the threads are mostly the same.

In all, if you’re planning to get into automotive painting and graphic design you may want to look into a HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun and perhaps even get a DeKups starter kit which includes a bunch of kups and accessories to get started with the system for under $25.00.

Looking to buy a high quality spray gun? Look no further.

Do you want to get a German or Japanese high end spray gun like an Iwata or SATA for a fraction of the cost? Check out the Atom X Finishes Spray Guns. With a unique combined Japanese and German-style craftmanship, these spray guns are definitely a league of their own.

These spray guns are the ONLY spray guns that we use now for all of our projects. They spray FANTASTIC, are made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. And you get it all for about 1/3 of the cost. Grab them on Zoolaa now. 

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15 thoughts on “Spray Paint Guns – HVLP Spray Guns & Siphon Style Guns – Beginner or Advanced Learning!”

  1. Hi Tony,

    This was a wonderful video, but in detail regarding the guns would be more helpful, i know the details would be in VIP membership, i am looking forward to join not sure when. I will be there when my budget permits. i love the way you take so much of pain to share your knowledge. This really helps people like us who are starving to learn something and to kick start their projects.

    You are doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work.

    Hope to see you soon in VIP membership.


  2. Hi Tony,
    I have just bought a Cobalt HVLP sprayer from LOWES. It was about 100 bucks. I plan on painting a van I recently bought for my painting business. I want to use Rustoleum industrial oil on it and since I am already a painter and am very familiar with the process, will this gun perform well for me. I will be doing the work outside because I have no enclosure. Please tell me your thoughts and any tips you may have.
    Metro Painting

  3. You didn’t mention what the difference is between the guns. With such a big price difference and they all do the same thing then whats the reason for buying a $500 gun? Does it spray better, and if so can you describe how it does things better?

    • The same difference as why a person buys a Benz VS a Honda. It can be Image, quality, performance and brand. They all work and you get what you pay for. I’ve done beautiful jobs with cheap guns as well as expensive guns. The SATA just feels different when spraying, and also does spray better. You just need to try them for yourself to feel and experience the difference. I hope you understand.

  4. Hah I watched some random tv show last night about car repainting but they didn’t tell enough information at least for me. Now I found this site with great videos and I learned a thing or two more. Great stuff Tony.

  5. hey Tony;
    Did you ever post a link where a person can get the Dekups system online for $25.00? If there is such a site, could (would) you please find the time to post, email me a link. Eastwood wants like $170.00 for the starter kit! On the topic of Eastwood, have you ever used, (if so what’s your take on it) their new top of the line, Concours gun? It’s advertised at a working 29psi requiring only 4cfm. mabey you could list a good link where to purchase guns at?
    Thanks friend.

  6. I enjoy all your videos even though I have been painting Cars, Trucks and Aircrafts all my life. (I am 72 years young) keep it up. Thanks! Nick

    • hey Nick. I Thank You. Yes you are 72 Years young 🙂 My godfather is here visiting me from Texas and he is 74 years young. You can stil do a LOT at that age. Eat Right, Work Out, Keep your mind going and stay busy. I also look forward to being happy and active 40 years down the road 🙂 Thanks for saying hi Nick!


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