How To Detail NASTY Cloth Interiors! 😱

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The #BossPainter is back with Part 1 of the Great Big Move! 🙂 Today’s video is all about How To Detail NASTY Cloth Interiors!

I’m in a $1200 car that I recently purchased. There’s a story behind this CRV. It used to be a delivery vehicle.

This CRV is a flip I did about 9-10 years ago. I sold it to my stepfather’s friend and when he moved, my stepfather bought it back and used it as a food delivery vehicle. It needs AC work, paint and detail work. 

Now, we have four of these seat bolts out. The easy way to get out car seats is to fold it inwards like how I show you in the video. 

See how filthy the car seats are. If you have the proper equipment, you can just do this in the car with a carpet vacuum, but I took it out and hit everything down. 

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We just sprayed a lot of degreaser in this very bad seat. It’s the worst among the car seats. I might need a stronger degreaser for this one. 

If you can’t remove it, power spray it! 🙂 As you can see, this car needed a deep-clean detail. 

After power washing it, the worst seat now looks pretty good with a huge difference from how it was earlier. 

The inside of this Japanese food delivery truck is nasty and it sticks. I’m not going to go crazy taking out that stain over there. I will try to take it out, scrub and put some stuff on it and use a wet and dry vacuum. 

I’ll try my best to get these panels and dash looking good and clean once again. 

What I like to do is cut up a hand towel in small pieces, get a bucket of water with degreaser and scrub brush. I’ll just spray, scrub and wash it. 

The degreaser is hard to wipe when it sticks on the glass so try not to get some of it on the windows and glass. 

Let’s get started! 

If you want to go crazy with your detailing, you can take out the carpets but I won’t do that.

It’s done, guys! Look how clean it is now and it looks almost brand new. Although you still can see the usual wear and tear. 

I left them outside to dry for about two days. They are nice and dry because of the Hawaii weather. 

Check out the dash and the panel. I put some vile treatment on some plastic parts. It now looks clean. 

If you remember the panel is all black in some areas because of soot and fish oil, but it now looks clean and smells great too. 

I ordered some floor mats too because I didn’t want to get too crazy on the stained parts so we’ll just put some brand new mats.

I could have asked a professional to do this but I wanted to show you guys how it’s done. 

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I hope you enjoyed this video on How To Detail NASTY Cloth Interiors!

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