LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Q&A with the #BossPainter in Hawaii! 👋

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What’s up, #BossPainters?! We are back! LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Q&A with the #BossPainter in Hawaii! 👋

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Atom Spray Gun with GunBudd Ultra Lighting System

I just got this box delivered today. Can anyone guess what this is? 🙋‍♂️  This is not a spray gun because it will not fit in this box. 

Okay, so the box contains 10 of the GunBudd Ultra Lighting System from Zoolaa. 💡 Continue watching this video as I make a demo of it. 

Let’s move on with the questions for today’s session entitled LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Q&A with the #BossPainter in Hawaii! 👋

Question: Can you paint the car with a 30-gallon air compressor panel by panel? What do you recommend because of the space and voltage?

You can paint a car with a 2.5 HP and 30-gallon compressor that’s putting out a low CFM. The only problem you’re going to have is the volume.

You’re using up volume as you’re painting. Your compressor will kick on and you’ll be losing air while you’re on your second or third panel.

You’ll then have problems spraying because if you continue spraying, you’ll do so with low pressure and your paint will not atomize the way it should to get a nice finish.

You’ll need to use an LVLP Spray Gun for this type of compressor. These types of spray guns are great for clear coats. On the other hand, HVLP Spray Guns are recommended for base coats. Then again, you can spray both base coats and clear coats on both types of spray guns. It will work. 

However, if you’re doing it panel by panel like what you said, you won’t have any issues unless you’re doing custom colors like candy, pearl, flakes and matching paint. 

Question: I’m working on an F250 Ford and I found its original paint. Where do you suggest that I go to get the original paint?

You just need to go to a paint shop. Don’t spray a single stage on it. Have them match the paint and get a base coat clear coat for it. Grab a gallon and you can use the same paint when you need to touch-up later on. 

Question: What can you do to stop rust?

You can use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Grind your rust down and shoot some vinegar on it. 

Let it dry and patch sheet metal over it. You can cut it out and just do sheet metal if you want. If it’s more of a surface rust, you can treat it like I said. Scuff it with 80-grit then put some body filler on top of it. Lastly, seal it with some etching primer. 

Atom X20 LVLP Spray Gun

Question: I have all the Atom Spray Guns. What’s the best tip to spray gel coats?

I recommend the Atom X20 Spray Gun as it is more of a lower-end primer gun and use it with a 2.0 tip size. You may have to reduce it with a little acetone. I haven’t done a lot spraying with gel coats lately. 

Question: What paint do you recommend for painting a 1960s classic car – primer, base and clear?

I would say the PPG Paint System is good. The House of Kolor, Tamco, Dupont and Sherman Williams have good clear coats. There are a lot of good brands out there. I’m going to test out the Sherman Williams paint brand on my CRV Project. Will let you know guys!

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