Custom Painting a Vitamix Blender With 2k Automotive Paint! 🥤

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Hey! Hey! I am back refurbishing something for my wife! It’s The Blender Project by the #BossPainter himself, Tony B. Richie! 

We’re going to be doing a quick refurbish work on this 10-year old Vitamix. It still works great but we’ll paint it a nice gold color. It will be black and gold and maybe put some silver mini flake in it. 

X Finishes Pearls and Flakes on Zoolaa

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We’ll go ahead and pull this apart and sand it down. We’ll put some leftover gold base coat that we have. Finally, throw in two coats of clear coat. 

Let me show you how it works! 

In The Blender Project, I used the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun and the Quik Kup System. You can also grab both products on Zoolaa!

Also, check out the video as I show you how a clear coat looks like when it dries up with the mini flake in the Quik Kup System. Again, you can grab the 25-pack QKS at Zoolaa. It only costs $38.95 and comes with plugs so you can save basecoat. 

Atom Spray Gun with Quik Kup Disposable Cup System

Let’s take a look at the finished product! It looks pretty cool, right? 

As you can see we masked up the rear sticker and maintained the black color of the bottom part. Here you have the revitalized Vitamix Blender! 

Mayah: My smoothies are gonna look better in there! 

Do you think my wife and daughter like it? 

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Talk soon! Cheers! 


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