Taking a drive in the BMW i3 😎​

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Hello everyone! I am back and Taking a drive in the BMW i3 😎​. I’m sorry I can’t play music because of copyright issues and I’ll be taking a bunch of flak from YouTube.

Check out the video now, guys. It’s a great day today here in Hawaii. How do you like the view? Ain’t it lovely? 🙂 The skies here look wonderful. When you see dark skies, it will stay that way for a couple of minutes and later on turn bright. 

It rains a little bit here then stops and will rain some more. It’s been very windy as you noticed. 

Check out that guy skateboarding. I want to get one of those electric skateboards. I think they’re cool. 

Do you want to see something awesome? I’ll take you guys there. Let’s park here. But bear with me for a sec as I’m still learning how to use this thing. 

Check this place out and we have some songs in the background. I’m pretty sure it’s not copyright. LOL! 🤭

It’s a pretty cool place and way peaceful. I don’t think they’re doing hula dancing but listen. Great song.

I grew up here and I moved in this valley when I was twelve years old, and played in this very park.

When I was older and became more interested in mopeds, I used to jump these humps with our 50cc mopeds. 🛵

I will show you a trail that we used to hike and maybe will take you down there one of these days. 

I come here a lot to just clear my thoughts. It’s no place like this. It’s super relaxing down here.

Check out the cool looking dog (and the owner… LOL! 🐶)

Thanks for joining me today and Taking a drive in the BMW i3 😎​. It’s Tony B. Richie and I hope you enjoyed the short tour my hommies! We even talked to a nice looking girl. Isn’t it great? Don’t worry I’m just being friendly! 😇

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Talk soon guys! Peace out!

Tony B. Richie

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