How To Paint Your Car Interior – Car Interior Painting Tips!

Today’s blog is entitled How To Paint Your Car Interior – Car Interior Painting Tips! Here are two videos that take you through car interior painting process pretty quickly. 

When painting car interiors, you do not need to be as meticulous with prepping as you should be when painting the exterior body of a car.

The reason why is, most times you’re using simple spray cans to paint the interior.

Paint like “Dupli-Color” a popular brand for automotive interior paints and also engine block heat paints. Ohh, I forgot to mention Auto Magic and Krylon paints too! …They also have some good interior paint and is what I used when painting the grey door panels and dashboard in the mercedes slk videos that you’ll see below.

How To Paint Car Interior

So why can you be a little careless when painting interiors? Well, for starters the paint does dry very fast and you’re not putting a wet coat of clearcoat on that takes 30 minutes just to set up as you would for your regular base/clear paint job.

Prepping for interior painting is also pretty easy. All you really need to do is make sure your surface is grease and dirt free. Clean it by using some thinner, or your basic wax and grease remover.

Once that is done, the next step is to mask off what you don’t want painted. This is where your personality comes to play. If you have a little patience and actually take your time and do a good job in masking, your job will look a heck of a lot cleaner and just more professional.

You will get some overspray but no problem. Just wipe it off with some thinner or reducer and re touch up if necessary.

Check out video 1 and 2 below for a small sample of interior painting. The FULL-LENGTH versions are about six 10 minute videos that are within the VIP Members area of this site.


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Video 1
Video 2

21 thoughts on “How To Paint Your Car Interior – Car Interior Painting Tips!”

  1. planning on fixing up my brother in law’s 2004 mercedes slk. His interior is pretty rough. Do you cover any interior work other than painting? i.e. seat leather, console holes/dents etc

    • Yes! it’s in the VIP course 🙂 Interior work like what? holes, dents? You would use filler and repaint like outside. I do not cover upholstery work, I usually send that stuff out if needed.

      • A lot of damage to the dashboard, center cupholders missing buttons i.e. convertible roof button, etc. The seats I know will need to be redone professionally, but the more I can do on my own using this course, the better.

  2. Can u plz tell me wether the paint used to paint the exterior boby parts of the car can also be used to paint the interiors of the car i.e. DECO paint

  3. Hello, Great videos!
    question: What kind of RESPIRATOR are you using and what do you recommned and where to buy it?
    Because most of the ones that I find are disposables after the carbon is done.

  4. I noticed you didn’t use any adhesion promoter prior to applying paint, is scuffing the plastic piece all you need for the paint to get a good ‘bite’?


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