What Are The Causes Of Solvent Popping In Clear Coat? | Types of Primer | More Autobody Q&A

In this blog post, we will dive into the various factors that contribute to solvent popping in clear coat applications. By gaining a deeper understanding of these causes, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to achieve impeccable results in your painting projects. So, let’s explore the common culprits that lead to solvent popping and learn how to avoid them, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish every time. If you want to learn the basics of autobody repair and paint, check out our comprehensive course at Learn Auto Body and Paint. Please also LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel for new videos coming out soon. And if you want to learn how to make money with E-Commerce subscribe now to this link: https://ecomdomination.tonybrichie.com/

QUESTION: What are the causes of solvent popping in clearcoat?

Cause 1: Insufficient Flash Time

Insufficient flash time causes solvent popping. Rushing clear coat application prevents solvents from evaporating, resulting in uneven flow and popping. Allow adequate time between coats for proper leveling.

Cause 2: Uncured Primer or Base Coat

Uncured primer or base coat leads to solvent popping. Incomplete drying releases solvents during clear coat application. Ensure complete drying before applying clear coat to prevent solvent popping.

Cause 3: Water Contamination

Water contamination resembles solvent popping. Install a filter on the spray gun to avoid water entering the paint. Place a water filter 10-15 feet away from the compressor and another one before the air enters the gun. These filters prevent water and condensation from mixing with the paint and causing bubbles.

Addressing these causes improves clear coat quality. Provide sufficient flash time, ensure complete drying of primer/base coat, and use filters to prevent water contamination. Achieve flawless and professional results in your projects.

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