What Is The Best Primer To Use On Metal? Best Grit On Bare Metal? – and More Autobody Q&A

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QUESTION: What is the best automotive primer to use after sanding the car down to metal? I was going to use a high-build.

If you have a little bit of metal exposed, parts here and there, you can just go over it with a 2k filler primer. But if you have a lot of metal exposed, I would definitely use an Epoxy primer

So just get a good epoxy primer. There are a bunch of different brands you can use and just Epoxy. Let that set up and dry it for about two (2) hours. After that, you can directly spray a 2k filler primer on top of that, block that out, and paint it. 

You don’t have to sand epoxy if you’re going to be spraying a 2k filler on top of it that same day.

QUESTION: Can you use body filler over primer or do I have to scrub that panel back to metal?

Yes, you could absolutely use body filler over primer. Just make sure the primer is sanded 80 grit – 150 grit. I prefer 80 grit this way because sometimes when you’re doing bodywork, you’re going to be priming.

Sometimes people use primer as a guide coat, I do that. if you have a 1k guide coat you want to use a flat black or whatever you can do that. Never use gloss black – use a flat black for the guide coat or you can just use a primer.

And sometimes you’ll have some primer laying around, you could just hit it with primer and then block it out. You’ll be able to see your low spots and your high spots will be shaved down, it’ll be body filler if you’re sanding over body filler. 

But yes, when you’re doing bodywork you can prime as long as it’s sanded. You can put body filler on top of it so you discovered some low areas. Just make sure that you scuff all those low areas with 80 grit give or take so your body filler has something to stick to it, blow it out all that,

QUESTION: What best grit on bare metal that a good automotive primer will fill in?

Well, when you’re down to metal you can spray over 150 grit – you can spray over 80 grit. It really doesn’t make much of a difference because metal, you can only scratch it up so much.

So I’m comfortable priming over 80 to 150 grit. You can even get down to 180 grit if you want but then put a good Epoxy over that followed by a nice 2k filler primer.

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