$25 Spray Gun VS Mid Grade $150 Spray Gun – Spraying 2k Filler Primer + Golden Paint Tips!

In this video, we will make a review between a $20 Spray Paint Gun and a Medium Grade Spray Paint Gun. We will spray some 2k filler primer over some glazed spots and cover setting up a new gun as well as simple spray gun setup tips.

So when unboxing any new spray gun, you always want to clean it.

  1. Just get some lacquer thinner.
  2. Open the cup, wet the brush and I’ll just clean the tip. Usually that how’ll do it. 
  3. Put some lacquer thinner on the Kup and close.
  4. Shake it a little bit.
  5. Squeeze some thinner out.
  6. Take the needle out and just give that a little rinse.
  7. You can see looks a little dirty, just wipe it. 
  8. Push a needle in the spring back and screw it in (sometimes with cheap guns, it’s hard to get it screwed in}.

So we’re gonna set this gun for a wide open nozzle trigger pull. So what I like to do is you back it out pretty much all the way. Squeeze your trigger down, and then you tighten it. Once it touches then you know that’s pretty much it.

The $20 Spray Paint Gun

πŸ”˜ With this type of tip on the cheaper spray gun, there are no air orifices on the front of the cap, just one on each side.

πŸ”˜Trigger pull -hard and rough

The Mid Grade Spray Paint Gun

πŸ”˜ In this Mid grade spray gun we have two holes on each side. One at the tip of the cap right next to the needle.

πŸ”˜ Trigger pull – very smooth

You could also notice or tell if you have a good gun or not by your trigger pole if it’s nice and smooth. You know you got a pretty decent gun. *spray gun review

So for the X16. I’m going to kind of get rid of this cup and we’re going to use the Quick Kup System that you can get over Zoolaa.com. If you want to try these kits out pretty cool. So basically, you need the x16 mini spray gun adapter and this is like a plastic PVC type of material here.

You don’t need to put anything on here. You could put plumbers tip for you if you want, but just by hand tightening, it gives a pretty good tight to me, in my opinion. You don’t want to overdo it because you’re gonna strip the threads because you’re screwing on top of metal and plastic. But this is pretty much all you need to do.

Now we’re going to mix our primer.

Watch this video to get some tips on mixing a primer “DO THIS! Spraying CAKED UP 2K Primer on RAW Plastic and Epoxy Primer“.

So we spray with two spray guns and we did some primer filler.

First off, we had a little problem with a cheaper gun with the cap leaking but I made it extra extra tight and that seemed to solve the problem. I think it’s sprayed okay for being a $20 gun cheap gun.

Spray Fan Pattern for $20 Spray Paint Gun

You can immediately see I didn’t squeeze the trigger hard enough or long enough to run it here, so that came out that looks pretty good and circular. But this was actually wide open fan-like literally an inch and a half.

This was wide open for that gun. A 1.0 tip should be a lot wider than that at least double it. As far as the fan width.

This gun sprayed “okay”. But the trigger wasn’t as smooth. So it couldn’t get a wider fan pattern.

Spray Fan Pattern for Atom Mini X16 Spray Paint Gun

Here is the X16 – Bigger.

Smaller if needed, but I sprayed extra here so basically ran. This is wide open so we got pretty much like a six-inch wide-open fan pattern on the mini X16 spray gun versus an inch and a half, give or take.

I actually liked spraying with Atom Mini X16 -a lot better, of course.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was cleaning (after painting).

So we cleaned this gun and the paint is chipped right off on the first use of it. screwing this on was even harder because it was the coating chipped off everywhere.

If you want something a little bit more useful and something a little bit more dependable, I would say go for a high-end gun or at least a medium-grade gun.

For me, I like the AtomX Spray Guns. They work beautifully and they spray like high-end guns in my opinion.

So this is the Atom Mini X16 and it sprays excellent. It also comes with a GunBudd Ultra Lighting System that you see me use.

If you want to get some Auto Body tips and whatnot, click right over here to download that 85 Page Auto Body guide.

It has links to other videos/other questions that you might have with Auto Body.

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