The 7 Must Have Auto Body Tools – Day 6 Boot Camp

When getting started with auto body repair, let’s face it… you need some auto body tools.

You may be a hobbyist or you may be looking into auto body as a new money making venture for yourself…

Whatever the case is, if you want to paint a car and start doing up your projects, you need to start building your tool chest.

Today we’re talking about the 7 most common auto body and paint tools that you’ll probably end up needing in the near future if you already don’t have them.

Here’s a List of The Most Common Auto Body Tools That You’ll Need To Get Started in Auto Body and Paint

1. Air Compressor

If you’re serious about painting cars or bikes, then you’ll want an air compressor that will last you the years to come.

I recommend picking up a 240V 60 gallon with a 5-7 HP setup.

(See detailed post on the best size air compressor you need here).

It’s perfect for painting a car, or a large van and will power all of your air tools with ease. It’s a workhorse that you’ll be proud you bought. Bigger is better when it comes to compressors.

If you want something small and only plan on painting touch ups and motorcycles then a 25-35 gallon air compressor will work for you.

SIDE NOTE: You can and I have painted a full car with a smaller 30 gallon tank. You just need to keep your eyes and ears on the pressure fluctuation and adjust accordingly while your painting I don’t recommended it,  but it can be done.

2. HVLP Spray Gun

You need a spray gun to paint correct?

I get asked all the time …”Tony what kind of gun should I get?” I always reply with “get what you can afford?”. If you can afford a $600. SATA, then get it. It will definitely show a difference when laying your paint.

Just remember that you don’t need the BEST gun when getting started. When I first started painting, I started with a $100. Astro spray gun.

I don’t even think it was a HVLP. But I painted for at least a year or two with that gun. As you get better, increase the quality of your gun. You’ll start to notice that your paint jobs start to come out better and better.

In closing, get what you can afford. If I had to recommend a good starting spray gun it would be a Warwick. Check out our reviews on them here. For $150 – $250 you can get a great starting gun. (See a complete video and run down on automotive spray guns here).

HVLP Spray Guns


3. Dual Action Sander

Now, This is not really a MUST-HAVE, but will save you a TON of time with basic sanding and body filler shaping.

Get one if you can afford it. They cost anywhere from $50. – $175. (see a complete post on Dual Action sanders here).

I show you exactly how you can use one of these to cut some MAJOR time off of your body work and sanding times. Don’t worry, all of these strategies are located in our VIP course and you can learn more about that here. Let’s get you on the FAST track to repairing and refinishing your project!

4. Slide Hammer/ Stud Welder

If you’re planing on repairing some form of dents and pulling out panels then one of these is a must.

You can go with a cheaper version and get a basic slide hammer which uses screws and hook adapters to pull out dents.

Or your other option is to invest in a electric style stud welder.

When they first came out you’d see them selling for $350. – $450. Nowadays you can pick them up for under $190. Not bad!

If on a budget, don’t count out local swap meets or local online classifieds to find great used tools. I’ve had many VIP members score compressors and a ton of auto body and paint tools from and other popular classifieds online for fractions of what it may have cost if they had bought them new.

If you’re not sure how to use one of these, don’t worry because we have step-by-step videos in our VIP area that will walk you through the entire process and show you how to use these same tools with maximum results and success.

Yes, we also show you ‘insider’ sneaky tips and tricks that only auto body pros know about 🙂

5. Autobody Hammer and Dolly Set

Ready to whip panels back into shape? Ready to be the real deal with the steel?

Then get yourself a nice autobody hammer and dolly set. You’ll need em. Expect this set to cost anywhere from $30 up to $150 for a brand name set like Eastwood.

This is a set that you’ll probably buy once in your life. I still have and use my fathers originals. If you get the wooden handle kind, the handles are the only part that you’d end up replacing over the years.

6. Autobody Sanding Blocks

We all need a sanding block. My favorite is the Holy Block (picture below) they work really well for me. Wet or dry, you’re good to go.

Durablock is another great brand with all types of shapes.

Sanding blocks ate crucial when doing autobody repair. You need them when color sanding and buffing. You need them for shaping body filler and you need them to help to cut high spots and to find low spots in your bodywork.

Auto body blocks are a must-have in the tool box and there affordable.

7. Body Filler/ Bondo Spreader and Putty Knives

Putty knives or Bondo spreaders are used to mix body filler aka (Bondo). You can get them in metal or plastic.

I used to like the metal ones because they’d last longer. When they get caked up with filler you can clean them fairly easily with your DA sander or on a wire wheel.

What I don’t like about metal putty knives is, once your finished applying your filler, you need to clean them right away. If you don’t, it’s a little harder to clean than the plastic type.

With the plastic applicators, after your finished spreading your filler, you can basically leave the Bondo on it. After it hardens, you can easily peal it off and you’re ready for mixing and application.

That’s why I rather use the plastic ones now days. Below you’ll see both types of applicators. Metal and plastic.

PHEW…. That was a lot of information!

Now, don’t get me wrong.

You can do bodywork without a few of these tools such as the DA sander and Hammer set but you’ll be very limited on what you can repair.

…And over time, you’ll probably end up adding more tools to your man cave, but for now I really think these 7 tools above are the basics and essential for completing some awesome auto body repair and paint jobs.

Auto body tool links

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-Spot Welder
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I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that it was VERY helpful for you and gave you an idea of what you can build up to. A home garage can be an awesome place to hang out…

I know the feeling of building one. Let it be your place to hang out and to build AMAZING projects.

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