Automotive Paint Spray Gun Setup Tips – Day 1 Boot Camp

HVLP and LVLP Automotive Spray Gun Adjusting And Set Up Hacks

Looking for great spray guns? Be sure to stop by where we pick up our paint guns and pearls at great prices. The best model that I personally love is the ATOM X27. It also comes with a free GunBudd spray gun lighting system.

They bring you the best high-quality products at low cost. I mean imagine getting a SATA or Iwata quality spray gun for 1/3 the cost. That’s exactly what ATOM-X brings to you.

Well, let’s move on to today’s auto-body lesson, shall we…

Welcome to the 7-day auto body boot camp video series.

The video above will give you a quick rundown on how to adjust your spray gun.

The main settings are your fan width, material flow and your air pressure setting. Getting all of these correct will help you on your way to a nice atomized and glossy finish.

Of course, depending on your spray pattern and how you operate your spray gun will also play a big factor in how your job comes out.

But don’t worry. We have you covered. If you’re new to this, we’ll take you through all of those steps at a later time. We have more videos on this in greater detail than most professionals and hobbyists don’t really talk about within our optional LABAP VIP course here.

Cleaning Your Spray Gun is a MUST.

Cleaning your automotive spray gun is a very important factor for the longevity of your gun.

It’s true. If you have a clean gun and keep your spray guns clean, you can have a spray gun that lasts years. My pops handed down to me a few spray guns and I still use the primer guns today.

When you purchase a new spray gun, you basically need to clean it out to get all of the new oils out. All you really have to do is take the gun apart, rinse some lacquer thinner through it, wash it out, and put it back together.

Make sure you run the thinner out the tip of the gun by pulling the trigger.

HVLP Spray Gun Demo

Here’s a video below of some of the new ATOM-X spray guns that we have tested out and sprayed at the LABAP HQ. They are very reasonable in price, they are made well, and are EXCELLENT spray guns.

The new ATOM spray gun line has been outperforming the Warwick in recent shop tests. You can also check out the ATOM spray gun line here at We will be adding more videos on the ATOM-X Spray Guns

Talk soon!


18 thoughts on “Automotive Paint Spray Gun Setup Tips – Day 1 Boot Camp”

  1. Yes I did enjoy …. currently have 4 guns ( sub par )
    An Aero Pro HVLP
    A Ingersoll Rand
    A HVLP
    higher pressure
    & Access to a DEVILBISS FINISHLINE …. But I need to get the niche of the actual
    Paint VOLUME
    setting ….. Any help is … As always …
    Appreciated .
    Thanks Alot !!!

  2. I have very limited experience with spray guns but I find a clean cheap gun sprays better than a dirty expensive gun. Also, spraying technique adds a lot for a good finish. Keep the gun moving.

  3. 1 . 3 for base coat is that ok? and 1.4 for clear coat is that ok? i am going to spray a 1965 elcamino misty blue is gray ok for the primer coat ? its been a few years for me .

  4. You are making my life so much easier, I’m an artist and paint portraits of old muscle cars. I am now painting actual card. Trying to finish my Clear coat on my 78 z 28. I’m using Urekem system Tangier orange. I was told you have to get Clear sanded and buffed before 24 hrs is up. Is this true? I have read you can’t begin until 24 hr after . please help.

  5. Thanks for your help i’am trying to put a new paint job on my 87 Chevy Silverado. I was just wondering if you could help me out with a problem I’m having. Which is I don’t know what’s the minimum gallons I can use for an air compressor I don’t have a lot of money so do you think a 60 gallon would suffice?

  6. How you doing Tony? You have some pretty impressive videos.

    I very new to Auto painting, but I purchased the Atom mini X-16 spray gun a few months ago.

    I wanted to ask you about an issue I’m having. The issue is I keep getting halos on my metallic base coat and orange peel on my clear coat. I use a 1.2 nozzle for base coat and 1.4 for clear. I normally keep the air pressure at about 30 psi. But the manufacture for the clear coat states that it should be sprayed at around 17psi. On a lot of vidéos I hear people say, that spraying at a higher pressure is better for atomization. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I also wait 15 minutes between each coat. I kinda have a feeling that after using bondo on my plastic bumper, maybe I’m not sanding it down smooth enough. I normally sand down bondo with about 180 grit, then hit it with about 320. Then I prime it and scuff it with an 800 grit scuff pad.. I would think that should be smooth enough to spray base over it. Is there anything that I’m probably missing?


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