Custom Paint Job: Color Sand and Buff | Tips on Painting Door Jambs and More Autobody Q&A

Welcome to our blog where we’re unraveling the secrets of custom paint jobs. Join us as we dig into the techniques to start color sanding and buffing, revealing how these processes can turn your vehicle’s finish into a masterpiece. And that’s not all – we’ve addressed burning autobody questions from our viewers, from scratch solutions to paint care tips. Let’s dive into the world of custom automotive aesthetics and knowledge! Don’t forget to sign-up for to Learn Auto Body and Paint FREE COURSE for the step-by-step auto bodywork/process of “The G.O.O.D. Van Project” and more custom auto bodywork and paintPlease also LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel for new videos coming out soon. And if you want to learn how to make money with E-Commerce subscribe now to this link:

Color sanding and buffing a car

When you’re ready to start color sanding and buffing, it’s a smart move to give your clear coat ample time to properly cure and harden before diving in. This applies to most projects.

If you’re involved in a body shop, or even if you’re the owner of one, you’re generally safe to begin color sanding and buffing a day or two after applying the clear coat – there’s no need to worry about negative effects.

Yet, when you’re dealing with something special like a custom car or a project with sentimental value that you plan to cherish, a bit of extra patience pays off. It’s a wise choice to allow the clear coat to cure more extensively, ideally for a week, two weeks, or even a month if you’re not in a hurry.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy driving the car and going about your routines. Parking it outside or encountering dirt won’t cause harm. This is because you’ll be washing it down and proceeding with color sanding and buffing later on. After this process, it’s a great idea to take extra care.

Consider keeping the car sheltered in a garage or protected by a dedicated car cover. Once color sanding and buffing are complete, the car’s surface attains a remarkable glass-like finish, akin to a showroom appearance.

To maintain this impressive look, you might want to think about applying a quality ceramic sealer or a water-based wax. By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your vehicle remains in its stunning, well-kept state.

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