Fiberglass Repair | Auto Painting | How To Paint Speed Boat Project!

Did You Know That You Can Use Automotive Based Paints on Boats Too?

Yep, You Can!

We have a game plan to gut and paint this boat and record the entire process. This why you need to take advantage of the Lifetime VIP Membership Course.

We will completely redo the bodywork, fiberglass repair, fill cracks, sand, prime and paint this boat with a nice 2-3 tone paint job. I am thinking of doing a white paint job with red flame graphics and a touch of pin-striping.

This project will be painted with a single stage enamel automotive based paint above the waterline. The bottom of the boat will be painted with a marine based paint that has additives that keep the bottom of the boat free of barnacles and creatures that like to grow under boats.

This project will be completely recorded and uploaded into the VIP members area in Mid 2011. We are doing a FULL restoration to the boat. New Interior, New Paint, A used 50-80 horse power outboard engine, Custom windshield, New Cables and much more.

Then we will have cool videos of the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint team having fun in the ocean tearing it up!

This is the COOL thing about knowing how to properly use auto body and paint methods. There is no limits to what you can do and customize. You can paint Helmets, Bikes, Boats, Cars, Small body repairs, Furniture and the list goes on.

I have personally painted a set of safes. Yes safes, from a local company here for a big hotel chain. I made about $15,000 painting about 200 small safes costing me about $1,000 for material and finishing the job within 2 short weeks!

There is also great money to be made with your newly acquired skills. You can fix your friends, families cars, learn more… get even better and do more projects. This is how I started.

I was 13 when I started painting small mopeds under my mom’s house back home 🙂

Hope you guys are enjoying the site! Be a #BossPainter and join the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program now! 

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8 thoughts on “Fiberglass Repair | Auto Painting | How To Paint Speed Boat Project!”

  1. Hey Tony, I’m glad you put this video together for us because I never used Fiberglass before
    and I was skeptical about trying cuz it looks messy and harder to use then regular bodyfiller
    now i will have better confidence now. Thanks Corey

  2. Hi tony am really looking forward to your fiberglass project as i have one, its a 1966 debonair camper which is an all fiberglass body and in need of repair and painted any help in that would be appreciated. regards robert

  3. Tony i live in South africa and i was wondering if i can order your products through or Amazon as they personally deliver the products by hand.
    i wanna learn how to spray paint more professionally and i am currently completely refurbishing a 16 ft deep sea fishing boat .i have completely finished the inside by inserting a whole new wet floor deck and i used bunker fine sand sprinkled into the resin to make the floor non slippery now i need to professionally spray this boat .

    • hey Ken, The learnautobodyandpaint course is a 100% online course. No waiting for mail. You get VIP access to the website and can download, burn your own DVD’s if you wish. You can also watch all of the step-by-step tutorials within the VIP members area.

      Sounds like you have a cool little boat too! 🙂


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