How To Polish Car Paint on Sailboat – Buffing Car Paint Methods!

Hey guys! This post is all about How To Polish Car Paint on Sailboat – Buffing Car Paint Methods!

In this post I’ll show you how to polish car paint that looks really dull and oxidized. Buffing car paint tactics revealed!

When ignoring paint on a car, boat, truck or anything really …you start to get some problems. Problems like peeling clear-coat, fading, waterspots are a big one too. The paint on your project starts to look like crap.

You think to yourself…

What do I need to do to make this paint look nice again? Do I need to repaint it? Can I just put some clear coat on it?

Well, it all depends. If the clear is peeling, NO you can’t just put clear on it. The amount of time you need to put into it to get ready for painting clear on it is the same as putting a new coat of paint on it.

So the best bet would be to paint a new coat of base coat on it and to lay your fresh coat of clear on it too.

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If you have a fading problem or waterspots on your paint and just really bad oxidation most times a good buffing job will do the trick.  But it can be VERY tricky if you don’t know the EXACT process on how to get this done.

Have you ever seen those cheap orbital buffers that just vibrate? well, that won’t do anything for you if you’re stuck in this situation. That is only good for waxing your already nice paint. That machine will not, I repeat WILL NOT buff out waterspots and shine up bad paint oxidation.

For doing just that I have made a simple video below showing you the basics on how this is done on my personal Yamaha sailboat.

This thing had really bad paint oxidation on it’s enamel paint job.

When buffing you always need a 3 step process. Compound with a wool pad, glaze with a foam pad and wax. Yeah, it sounds simple but the way you hold and use your buffer will determine the outcome of your job.

Example, you must buff small sections at a time, you need to use certain speeds and stay in sections for so long.

Here is the video below and a few pictures of before and after shots of the buffing and polishing car paint.

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