How To Spray Candy Paint On Car || Right Time To Apply 2nd or 3rd clearcoat? – Autobody Q&A

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Why did you put candy in the clear for the Moped?

Because clear is a carrier, that’s the way you could do it. You don’t have to use a candy carrier because what we were using was candy concentrate. Candy concentrate is added to the candy carrier, that House of Kolor sells, which is basically a clear coat. It’s the same exact thing as a clear coat so I was able to use a regular clear coat, add my candy concentrate, and you just spray it like candy. 

Then if you want to, you could finish it just like that, like I did the Moped or you can finish it on your desired candy color. You could have a batch of clear coats and just clear over your candy – it works okay, that’s why I added candy concentrate to my clear coat and a clear coat can be used as a carrier. 

To carry pearls you could add pearls and flakes in your clear coat and then you could put clear on top of that. If you’re using super fine pearls, you don’t have to clear over it -it’s just in your clear coat your pearls are in your clear coat. 

The only issue is you have to be careful when spraying candies or pearls in clear coats even if a candy carrier, it doesn’t matter. You have to make sure you don’t run and you don’t get tiger striping, and this is where the R.A.D.S. Paint Formula comes in because I show you the proper way to set up your guns and the proper way to paint. So go to and get the free training.

Do you have to spray silver before the candy paint job? 

No, you don’t. If you’re a total newbie, I recommend spraying candy over a similar color. But if you’re a total newbie first-timer, I recommend if you’re going to be laying a red candy spray over a red base coat -it’s going to be a tint darker, but not too much. You’re going to be able to use less candy, but you still gonna get that candy effect. 

So if you’re doing a candy paint on some huge car like this, you’re going to literally be going the full side of the car. You’re not going to be doing the quarter panel and then stopping at the door here or 10% into the door because you’re gonna end up with a candy stripe, a dark stripe going down like that. We show this all on video -in VIP. 

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