How To Use A Tack Rag – Day 4 Boot Camp

How To Use a Tack Rag for Your Car, Part or Project

A tack rag is a sticky cotton rag that is used for wiping down panels that you plan to paint, varnish or clear coat.

It’s important.

To use it correctly, open it up all the way until you get a large cloth sheet. Then, fold it back up till it fits in your hand. A little larger than your palm size. Do not press it down flat, keep it fluffy.

Then you use it to tack off lint, light dust and bugs (if any).

Just remember, before tacking your car down just be sure that you wiped it down with some kind of wax and grease remover. This formula is used to take off hand oils and any silicone that may be on the panels.

You can buy an aerosol can style cleaner or you can get them in a can that you can pour into a spray bottle. I show you this whole process in step-by-step detail and videos within the vip section of this site so don’t worry.

WARNINGS – How To Use A Tack Rag

Never wax and grease over freshly painted base coat. You will melt your paint.

Wax and grease remover is only used over your prepped panels that you plan to paint. Over a sanded car and primer is normal.

Never over a new coat of base or between single stage paints.

Base Coat Clear Coat Tacking

When painting base coat clear coat, you only want to tack your vehicle before you start painting and between your base coats. Be sure to flash your base. Make sure your base is DRY before you start tacking.

Do not press too hard. Tack lightly. Open your tack rag entirely, then fold it up into a cloth size a little bigger than your hand.

Start from the roof of the car and work your way down. Be sure to open up your rag and use a new clean area as your rag gets colored with overspray. I have visual videos on this process on this blog.

I also have in-depth detailed videos plus more things that you should know before you start painting your project within our vip area of the site.

what is a tack cloth

Using Tack Cloth on Single Stage Enamel

When tacking a single stage paint job the only time you will want to tack is before you paint.

There is no tacking between your 2-3 coats of paint because single stage paint is sticky between coats.

It does not dry within 15-20 min like base coat.

Just keep this in mind and you are all set.

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