LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Success Testimonial Story

hey! I just wanted to share Keith’s AWESOME story with you.

Keith had NO EXPERIENCE about auto body and paint but wanted to get started in this field because it was his deep down passion since he was a little kid.

He lost his IT job a little over a year ago and thought that it was time to pursue his passion after talking with his wife over many undecided nights…

It was HARD, it was EXCITING and it all depended on his FAITH and BELIEF that he could take this adversity of losing his job and transform it into following his passion.

He quickly started to search YouTube on “auto body how to” and stumbled upon our site and believed that we could help him. Keith shortly joined us within the LABAP VIP members area and has never looked back since.

He had took his passion and niched down into chrome refinishing and painting and now has even opened up a successful shop offering these services. He told me that he was already getting a lot of cool jobs to work on.

What an accomplishment! I was very touched when we started to talk on the phone when he had told me that it was all because of me and my videos that made him “just do it” and get going on his gut feeling of pursuing his passion.

Thanks Keith for sharing, It really ads to what I’m doing here. I love hearing stories like this and getting feedback from vip members and even non members and being able to help people from all walks of life.

To inspire, educate and fulfill the desire in people who want to learn auto body and paint as a skill and as a trade is what I love to do. And you don’t need to start at a technical school and spend thousands. Our simple and step-by-step teaching methods work for anyone who has a desire to get into this at an affordable membership fee.

Be sure to get your FREE 85-Page Auto Body and Paint Manual plus we’re also giving away a FREE 90-minute Auto Body and Paint DVD!!

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Have a happy and safe Holidays!

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