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$597 Value, $197, Just One-Time
$97 (Lifetime and Instant Access)

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YES! Upgrade me to the full online lifetime Learn Auto Body And Paint VIP membership! I understand that this will be a one-time investment of just $97 today and I will never be billed again. I’m getting 50% OFF the normal cost, plus I will be grandfathered in as a “LIFETIME VIP MEMBER” and will get 100% FREE updates when Tony and team uploads additional content to the members area. As a charter member, I also get an additional %10 OFF all of my LABAP shop orders.

I will also get access to the private forum and access to the private Facebook group if I wish to join the VIP community. If I do not want the course, just contact Tony or staff (within 60 days) to cancel and get a complete refund: https://labap.zendesk.com/home I understand that this is a special offer only for the next 100 VIP members or less and it may be taken down at any time.



No thanks, I’ll pass on this special one-time offer

[box type=”default”  border=”full”] I understand that this special upgrade offer it will not be available again and I will lose out on this deal. If I want to upgrade at a later time, the cost of the course will be available for a $197 annual membership and I will lose out on a lifetime member status.

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