LABAP VIP Testimonial Giveaway

Hey LABAP VIP Member!

I am happy to announce a very special invitation to win some FREE STUFF, one of your perks of being a loyal LABAP VIP member…

EVERY VIP Member qualifies to get one of the new LABAP VIP T-Shirts for FREE. Please understand that we do have limited stock, so the quicker you get this done, the better shape you are in.

Please watch the full video below to see how to enter. It’s SUPER SIMPLE. You have two phases to complete. You only have 3 days to get PHASE 1 done.




Step 1: Record a 1-3 minute video testimonial sharing how you found LABAP, why you joined VIP, and most importantly the results that you’ve gotten by being a VIP member.

Example, Gained confidence and opened your own body shop… (we just got one of these testimonials in last night from South Africa!) how cool! …You saved a ton of cash by completing your own projects from home. Be sure to make your video in a up-beat tone, inspired, happy etc… There is no sense for a testimonial if it sucks… lol.

2: Upload your testimonial to YouTube and send us the URL link to your video.

If you don’t have a YouTube account, create one. It’s simple. **If you are that much of a non tech person, you can record a video on your mobile phone and mail it to: [email protected]. We will give priority to the members who use YouTube.

3: TAGGING your YouTube Video. All you need to use for the title for your YouTube testimonial is: Tony’s Learn Auto Body and Paint Member Testimonial  [Your first and – (last name optional) ]

In the TAG section of the YouTube video you would put: learnautobodyandpaint, testimonial, labap, labapvip, learn auto body, tony bandalos, how to paint a car, learn auto body and paint member,.

4: When you send in your testimonial video/ or YouTube link, please let us know what T-shirt size you would like (M, L, or XL) as well as your mailing address. YOU MUST BE A VIP MEMBER, we will be checking your registration status.

Send your testimonial link or video to: [email protected]

That’s it for PHASE 1.

Congratulations, you’ll be getting your cool LABAP VIP SWAG SOON!


Winning the X27 Spray Gun! A $750.00 Retail Value!

1: Once you submit your video testimonial, you will be getting a VIP shirt within 5-14 days depending on where you are. USA guys will get it pretty fast.

Once you receive your LABAP VIP shirt, take a picture wearing it next to one of your car projects with a big fat smile on 🙂

2: You will submit this photo on Instagram and or Facebook. You will need to hashtag your photo so we can find you and pick you as a X27 SPRAY GUN winner!

HASH TAGS TO USE on Instagram and Facebook:

#Learnautobodyandpaint, #LABAP, #LABAPVIP, #BOSSPAINTER

That’s it!

We will then pick the second round of winners (in about 2-3 weeks from today June 8. 2018) and will be giving away 2 brand new ATOM X27 spray guns!

Remember, as soon as you get your t-shirt to complete this step. It’s super simple to post on Facebook or Instagram so we can find you.


You have only 3 days to get PHASE 1 done.

It should take you no more than 15-20 minutes to complete! Then you get a FREE LABAP VIP shirt! …..AND a chance to win a Brand New Atom X27 spray gun (when we stock them in mid July!).

The Atom X27 is a very high quality professional spray gun and will compete with the SATA 5000 which retails from $950.00 – 1,100.00 depending on where you get them.

Get cranking, talk soon!


Here are a few LABAP VIP Member testimonial videos that we got in yesterday WHOO HOO!

23 thoughts on “LABAP VIP Testimonial Giveaway”

  1. Hi Tony i like ur videos but i my home country india zoola .com gun how to online shopping (buying) dedicated video i am not educated ok i am working a painter in my state bay Friend

  2. Hey Tony I love to learn new things in life even at 63 and I’m great full for teaching. Even the basics have helped me understand this field of painting. I can’t wait til I finish the project

  3. Hey Tony;
    I am sorry, but I don’t have a video camera or cell phone. I am a VIP Member for years now. I saw your Youtube Video about getting a T shirt and entering to win a spray gun. That is great, But I don’t have a video camera so I can’t send you a video of my testimony. But here is the best that I can do….

    About 10 years ago, I wanted to learn Auto body so I could restore an antique truck that I bought. I didn’t want to do it right away so I searched and searched the internet for a site that could teach me what I needed and wanted. I am 69 years old so I needed to find a site that could teach me the things that I wanted without boring me with bullshit and all that high tech stuff. After weeks of looking for someone to show me what I wanted, I found LABP site. I really didn’t know at first if this site was what I was looking for because I saw so many other web sites that didn’t appeal to me, I watch Tony for some time and I was impressed. For kid, he knew a lot. He explained things in a way that kept me interested. I knew then, that I found the right web site. I signed up that night and I was and still pleased with my decision to sign up to LABP. As I said before, I didn’t want to start working on my truck right away, but wanted to start when I retired. I have been following Tony’s site for years now and I am very. I have now started my knew hobby of restoring my antique truck thanks to TONY and LABP……

    • Thank you Andy, contact support and send them your info for a VIP shirt! Can you also send in a better headshot, or a pic of you and your project? Would love to feature you as a VIP!

  4. Hi Tony
    I also do not have video camera or new type cell phone, im a 60 year old dinosaur & have trouble using the dam computer.
    I am a VIP member & would like a tee shirt please, im always in front of our TV watching your videos, is winter here now so have to wait till November till I can start painting my wifes roof & my spoller,bumper of our cars.
    kind regards
    John Burgoyne-Thomas—-New Zealand

    • Hi Tony
      If I am lucky enough to receive this tee shirt, my size would be large, sorry I do not know how to complete what you need, just today I was looking at interior painting & blending paint job.
      I just wanted to know all about the new paints out there, thanks to you Tony I now have the process from start to finish, bring on summer.
      Kind regards
      John Burgoyne-Thomas VIP member

  5. Hey Tony — This is the best program out there I am working on a 1953 Buick Roadmaster (Not one of the most wanted cars but I am having fun restoring it. this VIP package has help me out. I am not a body and paint guy but the videos and web are giving me step by step help that I need Thanks again for your wonderful help

  6. I am sorry but I as well don’t do videos I am 66 and not really technical. So if I can get a Shirt great if my size is XL. Please let me know if yes I will send you my address.
    Kenneth Pratt

  7. Tony I am a vip . buy trade I am a engine builder . over fifty years always been interested in body work and painting that is why i joined. also not very techie , so for me to do a pic HA. Techie was not a word in 1948 still would like the t shirt ! thanks clarke

  8. I’m Jr Martinez 70 y/o from San Antonio Tx. I’m a hobiest for the last 20 years & I fellow your program for a log time I HAVE LEARNED A HOLL LOT! FROM YOU.

  9. tony your program is a grate way to learn I’m a hobbiest & I use your teaching a lot I’m 70 years old n I being doing this for 25 years n I still learning from your technics! Jr Martinez from san Antonio tx.

  10. I’m a newer VIP member just getting started in autobody paint, in my video testimonial you’ll notice no automotive experience as yet. I’ve been practicing on small items building my confidence to work on my own vehicle (2016 chevy sonic) I plan on sanding the hood down and painting something, maybe pearl white flames or ghost flames or something else.
    Tony’s videos has given me high hopes of becoming an automotive painter/muralist. Stay tooned for more…


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