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This site is designed to help you learn everything you need to know about auto body and paint in a easy step-by-step way. You can get started by downloading a FREE 85 page auto body manual below.

Before/After Pics From Our LABAP VIP Students

Here are some of the projects that our LABAP VIP members have submitted to us. And YES, You too can learn this highly envied skill-set that'll set you apart from the pack! Gain Skills - Do-it-Yourself - Save Thousands - Make Extra Money - and Impress!

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Not only do we take you through the A-Z basics of auto body, but we also cover advanced skill-sets like custom body-kit modification, installation and custom painting.

LABAP VIP Members have literally opened up their own body & paint shops after completing our VIP Course. We can also proudly say that high schools in Canada and in the USA have used our curriculums to teach their students the basics of auto body repair and paint.

Isn't it time that you learn a completely new skill-set, or take your current DIY skills to a whole new level while having the full support of a likeminded community to back you up? Wait no longer, learn more about LABAP VIP now and click here!

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