How To Set-Up Your Air Compressor – Part 2

How To Set Up Your Air Compressor – Part 2.

On the last video and post that I did on the BelAire air compressor installation here, we ran into a small electrical issue.

In this post, I will talk about what went wrong and what we did to correct the issue so YOU don’t run into the same problem like we did.

Or, if you do have a similar problem, you’ll know EXACTLY how to fix it and get your compressor working the way it should.

First off, I want to say THANK YOU for all of you readers and commenters on my last YouTube video here. A lot of you gave me a lot to think about and some of you were correct as to what the problem might be. Here’s part 1 of this video and blog post if you want to watch the video.

After setting up the compressor and turning it on… I figured that it was not getting sufficient voltage to the motor. It just sounded like it was lacking power. I had an electrician come out to see what  the problem was….

Drumroll please…

The outlet was hooked up wrong (by me). Yes, I goofed. You see, in the back out the outlet (plug) there are three slots to put your wire in. two of them which are hot wires and one a ground wire. Now, on the back of the outlet, where you see the ground below, it said white/blanco, so I figured that the white line had to be there. But I was wrong. It’s a neutral/ground. When testing it, I did switch the black and white around but didn’t notice any difference.

air compressor wiring

When the electrican came over, he switched the ground and the white out and that did the trick. He said that I was only getting 110 volts of power the was it was hooked up. He also took a look at my breaker box and said that it looked great with the two 40 AMP breakers for the system.

electrical outlet for sir compressor

When the electrician came over to inspect my work, he also said that the old outlet was also hooked up wrong. They had a 220 line hooked up to a RV style 110 V outlet. So I’m assuming that the previous owners of the garage must have burnt out something. OOPS.

Well, I’m happy, we got the new compressor all hooked up and running great. I also set up all of the air lines. Tank, flex hose, to regulator and water filter with a quick disconnect for the main are line. It looks pretty sweet. If this seems a little complicated to you, not to worry!


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