How To Set Up Air Compressor for Your Garage Part 1

How To Set Up Air Compressor From Home.

Ok, I just got this BRAND NEW Bel-Aire Air Compressor from:  

Here are the specs of the compressor from the brand themselves. BelAire 216V Specs it’s the very first one.

I started to set it up and planned on getting it running yesterday when I ran into a small issue.

What I had to do was install the power (220 wire) to the pressure gauge on the tank. That gauge already came with a wire installed to the motor. So, basically what I had to do was, run a wire from that to your wall outlet. I used the same size 12 gauge wire that came preinstalled from the pressure switch to the motor.

I Changed the wall outlet configuration because the plug that I had was a different one. I changed it to a Leviton 50A 125/250V. Which is the correct one.


When I fired it up, I noticed that the pump was or did not sound like it was getting full force of power that it needed. It was fluctuating in sound and performance. Plus the relay inside of the motor was clicking on and off.

To me, it just seemed that it wasn’t getting enough POWER to the motor.

I called the compressor company and they said that it may be because the compressor outlet is so far from the breaker box. About 35′ feet away. Plus the cord from the pressure switch top the wall outlet is about 6′ in length.

I called up an electrician and he said that was baloney. He then said it could be a few things.

1. A bad and defective motor.

2. The wire from my breaker box to the outlet is too small.

3. Or, that it was just wired wrong.

I have him coming over today to help me troubleshoot it and I will keep you posted to what the deal was.


This is video and post #1 of the  how to set up air compressor series. I hope that we (you and I) can learn a lot from this test 🙂

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4 thoughts on “How To Set Up Air Compressor for Your Garage Part 1”

  1. Tony, why would you buy a compressor that did not have a published CFM rating? Went to the website and under specs it said CFM–N/A!

    • hey! For some reason that site does not have the specs. BelAire is a great compressor company. A friend of mine has a large manufacturing company that only uses BelAire compressors. Plus I did a lot of research on compressors before buying and this one gave the most bang for your buck. USA motor, and the pump itself is made in Italy. Here are the specs on the 216V compressor that I bought. it’s at the first of the list. I got it working correctly today and it pumps up FAST! Love it. I’ll post a video soon on what the problem was and how we fixed it!


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