How To Paint A Car Part 4 Mini Course

How To Paint A Car

Hey, what’s goin’ on! This is Part 4 of the Mini Course Video Series on How To Paint A Car. In this video, I show you the same Mazda Miata Project we have been working on. We already have most of the body work done. Please watch it as I show you how I inspect … Read more

How To Easily Remove Decals Using A Hair Dryer

Hey, what’s goin’ on! Sometimes people buy new cars and they don’t like these decals that the dealers put on but they don’t know how t to take them off, either so I did a quick demo on how to easily remove decals using a hair dryer or a heat gun. Decals are  basically just … Read more

How To Paint A Car Part 3 Mini Course

How To Paint A Car

Hey what’s going on?! This is Part 3 of our How To Paint A Car Series. Watch the video as I continue work on the Mazda Miata Project. Just so you know, to save us some time instead of doing it by hand, we used a DA Sander. If you’re comfortable using it, then very … Read more

How To Paint a Car Part 2 Mini Course

How To Paint A Car

Hey, what’s going on? This is Part 2 of the How To Paint A Car Mini Course series on the Miata Project. We’re doing a custom body kit on it. We’re molding a few different pieces, air dams in the front, we cut out the side blinkers from the original body kit – the bumper … Read more

What Is Best For Headlight Restoration – Buffing or Clearing?

Headlight Restoration

Hey, What’s going on?! The cool thing about this week’s video is, I’ve tested this process out over a few years… We’re going to discuss whether it’s better for you to clear coat your headlights when restoring them or should you just buff them out? So basically, the question is – what is best for … Read more